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Les Eaux et For锚ts (Water and Forest)
Sun 30-06-2019
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Les Eaux et For锚ts Water and Forest

Les Eaux et For锚ts (Water and Forest)
Date: Sun, Jun 30
Time: 19:30
Price: 120,240,360,420
Venue: Opera House, Tianjin Grand Theatre
澶╂触澶у墽闄 姝屽墽鍘

On a pavement, a man is bitten by a woman鈥檚 little dog. The man, enraged, attacks the owner of the pug. Another woman gets involved, and a slippery slope of misunderstandings results in this innocuous event becoming a 鈥渘ational disaster鈥. In Duras鈥 hands, the banal becomes the extraordinary. Wilfully facetious, she likes to appear where she is least expected. Humour is probably the most original and least known aspect of her work as a playwright. In Waters and Forests, an absurdist work written in Paris in 1965, we see the beginnings of Duras鈥 鈥渢heatre of anger鈥 (th茅芒tre de l鈥檈mportement). Nonsense and melancholy, cruelty, bursts of laughter and delirium appear as the expression of her longsought 鈥渏oyful despair鈥. In electing to show these characters in all of their depth, Michel Didym brings to the stage a 鈥渢heatre of the present鈥 that privileges spontaneity, simplicity and playfulness.