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Cello Recital by Pauline Buet & David Violi, France
Sun 31-03-2019 - Mon 01-04-2019
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Cello Recital by Pauline Buet & David Violi, France
Date: Sun, Mar 31
Time: 19:30
Price: 100,180,280,150(100x2),270(180x2),420(280x2)
Venue: Multifunctional Hall, Tianjin Grand Theatre

Cello Recital by Pauline Buet David Violi France

Pauline Buet

Pauline lives to be a binding element. Welcoming others and building bridges between the centuries by crossing baroque, jazz and classical, Bach and Kaija Saariaho, bringing the arts closer together. Pauline knows that the music has to be collective or will not be. She is a hedonistic rebellious, never sacrificing anything life could bring, embracing both an award-winning concert career and the education of her three young boys. Pauline lives quickly, with joy and determination.


David Violi

If he had not been a pianist, David would have dreamed of learning all the languages of the world, already captivated by the profoundness of Chinese, Italian, English, German, Wolof ... - and their ability to reveal to us our hidden parts, at the turn of an expression, in the nuance of a sentence. Soloist and chamber musician, David cultivates a diverse musical universe but always savor the confidence that he finds in i giardini, seeing his stage fright disappear when he is surrounded by his associates, knowing a precious moment will follow, a gift as a much a joyous ritual.