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German Language Centre, Tianjin Foreign Studies University 天津外国语学院 歌德语言中心

Institute specialising in German language studies. Mon-Fri 09:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00.

Bldg. 3, Tianjin Foreign Studies University, no. 177, Machang Dao, Hexi District 河西区马场道117号天津外国语学院3号楼

+86 22 2326 5642

Nankai University 南开大学

Rated as one of the best universities in China. Former premier Zhou Enlai graduated from this Uni. It has a strong focus on liberal arts and humanities.

No. 94, Weijin Lu, Nankai District 南开区卫津路94号

+86 22 2350 1583

Raffles Design Institute, Tianjin 天津莱佛士设计学院

Offers fashion design and marketing, business administration, graphic and media design classes, with full-time and part-time courses taught on and off campus. Mon-Fri 08:30-12:00;14:00-17:30.

Block H, no. 28, Jinjing Lu, Xiqing District 西青区津静路28号H座

+86 22 2378 9535 ext. 502

Tianjin Foreign Studies University 天津外国语学院

Offers Chinese and foreign language studies.

No. 117, Machang Dao, Hexi District 河西区马场道117号

+86 22 2326 2460

Tianjin Medical University 天津医科大学

No. 22, Qi Xiang Tai Lu, Heping District 和平区气象台路22号

+86 22 2354 2621

Tianjin Normal University 天津师范大学

Teachers’ training and research university offering undergraduate and post-graduate courses.

No. 241, Weijin Lu, Hexi District 河西区卫津南路241号

+86 22 2354 0091

Tianjin Polytechnic University 天津工业大学

No. 63, Chenglin Dao, Hedong District 河东区成林道63号

+86 22 2452 8022

Tianjin University 天津大学

The first university in modern Chinese education history with a strong focus on engineering and the sciences.

No. 92, Weijin Lu, Nankai District 南开区卫津路92号

+86 22 2740 7575

Tianjin University of Finance and Economics 天津财经大学

One of the earliest universities offering applied economics and business administration in China. Mon-Fri 08:00-12:00; 14:00-17:00.

No. 25, Zhujiang Dao, Hexi District 河西区珠江道25号

+86 22 2817 1399

Tianjin University of Science and Technology 天津科技大学

No. 1038, Dagu Nan Lu, Hexi District 河西区大沽南路1038号

+86 22 6027 3336
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