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Bars & Nightclubs


Pepper 辣椒吧

Good places in town to start your night with delicious cocktails and a lot of fun. 11:00-02:00.

3F, bldg. B, Shang Gu, Tianta Dao, Nankai District 南开区天塔道上谷商业街B座3层

+86 22 2341 5238

Purple Bar 葡吧

Perfect decoration, offering a relaxed, romantic and inviting atmosphere. Perfect for gatherings and enjoying new cocktails. 17:00-01:00

2F, Radisson Plaza Hotel Tianjin, no. 66, Xinkai Lu, Hedong District 河东区新开路66号天津天诚丽笙世嘉酒店2层

+86 22 2457 8888

Qba Bar Q吧

Savour authentic Latino food, drinks and music. Try the signature mojito and dance the night away to the sound of Latin-American music. 17:30-01:00.

2F, The Westin Tianjin, no. 101, Nanjing Lu, Heping District 和平区南京路101号天津君隆威斯汀酒店2层

+86 22 2389 0088

Richmond Restaurant & Paulaner Bar 里士满西餐酒吧

Join the live band on stage. You’ll go for the drinks, stay for the food and stay even longer for another round. 11:00-05:00.

No.23, Luoyang Dao, Heping District 和平区洛阳道23号

+86 22 2311 3398

Riff Live House 摇滚天津俱乐部

One of Tianjin’s best alternative music venues, featuring regular live shows from both local and international bands. 20:00-05:00.

No. 55, the junction of Dagu Bei Lu and Chifeng Dao, Heping District 和平区赤峰道与大沽北路交口55号

+86 135 0218 2204

River Lounge 畔吧

Leave your footprint on the Haihe River. The latest address for an afternoon rendez vous. Cocktails two for one bottles at 25% off. Daily 19:00-23:00.

No.158, Zhang Zi Zhong Lu. Heping District 和平区张自忠路158号(津塔旁,哈密道正对面)

+86 22 5830 999

Scarlet 乱世佳人

Located close to Nankai & Tianjin universities, so most customers are university students. A good place for young people. 20:00-00:00

3F, Bolian Building, no. 155, Weijin Lu, Heping District 和平区卫津路155号博联大厦3层

+86 22 2355 6223

SITONG Bar 昔唐音乐酒吧

Favoured for the last couple years by most expats as the place to end their nights dancing and meeting friends. 20:30-03:00

-1F, Somerset Olympic Tower, Chengdu Dao, Heping District 和平区成都道奥林匹克大厦负1层

+86 22 2337 7177

Soul Bar 杜尚酒吧

English style luxury decoration and lively hip-hop music gives you an unforgettable experience. 20:30-04:30

No. 291, Shaoxing Dao, Hexi District 河西区绍兴道291号

+86 22 2333 1777

The Lounge 聚澜庭

This is the heart and soul of the hotel with a buzz of activity and professional offering of classic cocktails, wines and food throughout the day and night. 06:00-1:00.

1F, Renaissance Tianjin Lakeview Hotel 16 Binshui Road, Hexi District, Tianjin河西区宾水道16号万丽天津宾馆1层

+86 22 5822 3388

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