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Bars & Nightclubs


13 Club

Leading Tianjin’s nightlife in rock and jazz concerts every weekend, in a beautiful building in the Italian District. 20:00-07:00.

Tianjin Italian Style Town, Ziyou Dao, Hebei District 河北区自由道意大利风情街

1618 Club 1618 会所

Enjoy your leisure time here and unwind after a busy day at work. 0017:00-05:00.

No. 16-18, Machang Dao, Hexi District 和西区马场道16-18号

+86 22 2314 8888

8 Bar 8号酒吧

Located in a century-old mansion around the Wu Da Dao and Xiao Bai Lou adhering to the history and culture of the area. 08:30-00:10.

No. 78, Jianshe Dao, Heping District 和平区建设道78号

+86 22 2330 5988

Babi Club 芭芘俱乐部

Music is the core competence of BABI, as a provider and disseminator of pure slow rock. 21:00-05:00.

No. 83, Qiongzhou Dao, Hexi District 河西区琼州道83号

+86 22 8381 6006

China Blue 中国蓝酒吧

The highest bar in Tianjin, on the 50th floor of the Raffles Tianjin Hotel. Great live music with a saxophone player. 18:30-03:00.

49F, Raffles Tianjin Hotel, No. 219, Nanjing Lu, Heping District 和平区南京路219号天津莱佛士酒店49层

+86 22 2321 5888 ext. 5293

Dazzle Lobby Lounge 昡吧

A trendy, well-stocked snack menu for day time as well as evening is provided. 10:00-00:30.

1F, Holiday Inn Tianjin Riverside, Phoenix Shopping Mall, Haihe Dong Lu, Hebei District 河北区海河东路凤凰商贸广场天津海河假日酒店1层

+87 22 2627 8888 ext. 2266

Feeling Bar 菲林慢摇酒吧

A bar that created its own hip-hop culture in Tianjin with a cutting-edge taste and ambience. 20:00-02:00

1F, Gome Building, the junction of Jinhe Dao and Dagu Nan Lu, Hexi Ditrict 河西区大沽南路与津河道交口国美电器1层

+86 22 139 2023 1836

Fountain Lounge Bar 碧泉茶园酒吧

Offering a selection of Western and Chinese comfort refreshments, à la carte favourites and innovative cocktails all day. 11:00-01:00.

Hyatt Regency Jing Jin City Resort & Spa, no. 8, Zhujiang Da Dao, Zhouliang Zhuang, Baodi District 宝坻区周良庄珠江大道8号京津新城凯悦酒店

+86 22 5921 1234

JV'S Bar JV'S 酒吧

Features a wide screen TV where you can watch Rugby and enjoy a broad selection of cocktails, beer on tap, and a live band. 17:00-01:00.

1F, Main Building, Sheraton Hotel Tianjin, Zi Jin Shan Lu, Hexi District 河西区紫金山路天津喜来登大酒店主楼1层

+86 22 2731 3388 ext. 1845

La Villa

A huge, 4 storey complex in the Italian area, consisting of La Villa, (Latin-themed bar), Momo (Mediterranean Restaurant), Caberet (Lounge), and La Playa (Rooftop lounge). 11:30-22:00.

No. 4 Square, Tianjin Italian Style Town, Ziyou Dao, Hebei District 河北区自由道意大利风情街4号广场

+86 22 2446 0388

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