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Russian Tchaikovsky Ballet: Swan Lake
Sun 12-01-2020
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Russian Tchaikovsky Ballet Swan LakeRussian Tchaikovsky Ballet: Swan Lake
Date: Sat, Jan 11
Time: 19:30
Price: 180,280,380,480,580,680
Venue: Opera House, Tianjin Grand Theatre
澶╂触澶у墽闄 姝屽墽鍘


One hundred and thirty-five years ago the Swan Lake music written by the great Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky was heard for the very first time. Starting from that moment the world of ballet would never be the same again.

Swan Lake is a story about two young women, Odette and Odile, who resemble each other so close that one can easily be mistaken for the other.

It is the compelling legend of a tragic romance in which a princess, Odette, is turned into a swan by an evil curse. Prince Siegfried meets with a flock of swans while out hunting. When one of the swans turns into a beautiful young woman he is instantly in love, but the remaining question is: Will his love prove strong enough to break the evil spell that she is under?

From the impressive splendour of the palace ballroom to the moonlit lake where swans glide in perfect formation, this compelling tale of tragic romance has it all.

Swan Lake shows the full range of human emotions 鈥 from hope to despair, from terror to love, from melancholy to excitement.

A wonderful evening out from which you will cherish memories for a long time.

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