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POPOPOLSKA! Toy music multimedia concert
Wed 21-08-2019 - Thu 22-08-2019
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POPOPOLSKA! Toy music multimedia concert
Date: Wed-Thu, Aug 21-22
Time: 19:30
Price: 80/120/150/180
Venue: Opera House, Tianjin Grand Theatre
澶╂触澶у墽闄 姝屽墽鍘

POPOPOLSKA Toy music multimedia concertFour 鈥淭oy Music鈥 artists edit four short Polish animations, and impromptu perform the melancholy, lively and illusive animation soundtrack through the visual imaginations. In addition to the traditional toy piano, xylophone, vibraphone and flute, unexpected cute musical instruments and effectors such as accordion, old gramophone, small electric guitar, ukulele are also added. In these animations, the roles include a striped elephant with his friends, a dreaming boy, a multi-lingual puppy鈥he artists make the best of the soundtrack to let these lifelike roles make dialogue with the audiences.


A striped elephant tries to get along well with his friends, but his friends dislike his difference鈥 the stripes. In face of the rejection from friends, the elephant tries to hide the stripes on his body. Eventually he is discovered and expelled from the circle of friends鈥


The Dreaming Mika lives in a wooden house in the field. He really wishes to have a companion and say goodbye to the loneliness. Just as he waters the plants, he finds that a mysterious companion brings him wings. As a result, he learns that the earth is so beautiful, and the sky is so vast鈥


The dog Rex likes making friends, and can speak many languages. After he knows that his farm owners speak different languages and often feel bothered by many misunderstandings resulted from the language issue, he decides to become a multilingual diplomat and solve problems for everyone鈥

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