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Plan B by Aur茅lien Bory
Sat 25-05-2019 - Sun 26-05-2019 19:30
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Plan B by Aur茅lien Bory
Date: Sat- Sun, May 25-26
Time: 19:30
Price: 80,180,280,380,480
Venue: Opera House, Tianjin Grand Theatre
澶╂触澶у墽闄 姝屽墽鍘

Plan BAur茅lien Bory is a theatre-maker whose style of witty, intellectual communication through physical movement could emanate, one suspects, only from France.

Plan B is actually a revival and, as ever with Bory鈥檚 work, mime is not the word for a show which charms and seduces by mingling the playful grammar of circus with theatre鈥檚 commitment to meaningful story. The idea is beguilingly simple. A large rectangular plane fills the stage. In the first section it hangs at a 30-degree angle, like a giant slide. In the second it moves into the vertical and becomes a wall. And lastly it lies flat, while the action performed horizontally on the stage is projected on to a screen. And in these three states, four clowning acrobats dressed in suits and ties tumble and juggle, clamber and roll, in a series of intricately structured narratives that tell of the relationship of mind and body with their surroundings and, depending on the angle of the plane 鈥 30 degrees, zero or 90 鈥 with gravity.

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