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Mime Comedy "Chook & Gek"
Thu 20-12-2018 - Sun 23-12-2018
Leisure Events


Mime Comedy "Chook & Gek"
Chook Gek

Date: Thu-Sun, Dec 20-23
Time: 19:30; 15:30; 10:30
Price: 100,166(100x2),245(100x3)
Venue: Multifunctional Hall, Tianjin Grand Theatre


In Soviet Moscow, brothers Chuk and Gek Seriogins live with their mother while their father is away in Siberian taiga for geological research. As the New Year closes in, Mr. Seriogin, longing to see his wife and children, sends a telegram asking them to come over. After making a very long and eventful train journey and a two-day journey through taiga on a dog sled, they arrive to find that their father and his team of geological researchers are not at the base.


The guard returns from hunting and announces that the geological research team is gone for a ten-day trip to Alkarash Gorge and he himself will be absent for two days. While the three can stay in the guard's hut, he has no keys to the main houses or the storage. Chuk, Gek and their mother must now survive the next ten days in this wilderness all by themselves, with only the meagre supply that they have brought with them. All ends well, as the team returns and the family is reunited. They celebrate the New Year together before the mother and the children have to return to Moscow.

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