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Say Yes | Henning Baer Tianjin at Round2
Sun 01-10-2017 21:00
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 Say Yes | Henning Baer Tianjin at Round2

Date: Sun, 1st, Oct
Time: 09:00 pm 
Venue: Round2 Club, 鍜屽钩鍖烘垚閮介亾84鍙, Tianjin, China

TP 201710 CALENDAR 01
鍥藉簡鍋囨湡, 鐗瑰埆鍒嗕韩: 鑱斿悎鍏ㄧ悆鍚勫湴鏈涓轰紭绉娲昏穬鐨勬淳瀵逛富鐞, 鍏卞悓浜ゆ祦浜掑姩銆俆echno涔嬮兘鏌忔灄: Henning Baer, 鏈涓烘垚鍔熺殑娲惧涔嬩竴Grounded Theory鐨勪富鑴, 涓婃捣, 鏉窞, 鍖椾含, 澶╂触鍧囧垪鍏ユ湰娆′腑鍥藉贰婕旓紒

Grounded Theory鎴愮珛浜2009骞, 鍒濊》濮嬩簬閫氳繃涓嶅悓浠ュ線鐨勬蹇典负褰撴椂鐨凾echno鍦烘櫙娉ㄥ叆鏂板娍鍔涖傚緢蹇淳瀵瑰氨鍦ㄦ暣涓娲睺echno鍦堥噷寮曡捣涓嶅皬闇囧姩銆傛晱閿愮殑娲炲療鍔涘拰绮惧噯鐨勫垽鏂姏, Henning澶氬勾鏉ュ鏂楀湪鐢靛瓙闊充箰鍦堝墠绾垮緱鍑虹殑鍝插鍒嗘瀽, 濮嬬粓涓嶅け鍏跺鍏冨寲鍜屽墠娌挎с傚湪娲诲姩婕斿嚭鐨勭幇鍦, 闄や簡涓绘墦鏍规簮鎬х殑Techno, 鍙堝泭鎷簡鍚勭涓嶅悓鐨勯煶涔, 寰澶氬厓鍖栨柟鍚戝欢浼搞傛椿鍔ㄦ湡闂撮個璇蜂簡浼楀鍦颁笅Techno鑹轰汉, 鏃犺鏄韩瑾夊叏鐞冪殑澶х墝鑹轰汉, 杩樻槸鍐夊唹涓婂崌鐨勬柊浜, 闊充箰绫诲瀷鍖呮嫭璇曢獙鐢靛瓙, 鑻卞紡鑸炴洸绛夈傜彮涓讳换甯告暀瀵肩殑鍏ㄦ柟闈㈢患鍚堝彂灞曚篃灏辨槸杩欏嚑涓剰鎬濓紝Henning鍦ㄨ嚜宸辩殑娲惧涓婃穻婕撳敖鑷村湴灞曠幇缁欎簡浼椾汉銆

鍦ㄥ拰鎼。Milton Bradley鍚屾椂浣滀负椹诲満涓诲姏杩欎簺骞撮噷锛孒enning閫氳繃涓庡叾绱у瘑鐨勫悎浣滐紝绉疮浜嗕赴瀵岀殑DJ缁忛獙, 骞朵互姝や负鍩虹鍙戝睍闊充箰鍒朵綔銆傚帤绉杽鍙戠殑浠栭櫎浜嗗湪Taanstaafl Planets鍙戣浣滃搧, 鏇翠簬鍘诲勾鎴愮珛浜嗕釜浜哄巶鐗孧ANHIGH, 骞堕檰缁彂琛屼簡鑷繁鍜屽彟澶栦竴浣峊echno淇婃澃Matrixxman鐨勪綔鍝併傞氳繃姝や妇, 浠栦篃娓愭笎鑳藉缓绔嬩竴濂楃瓫閫変綋绯伙紝绮鹃夊嚭閭d簺灏嗙粡寰楄捣鎺ㄦ暡, 绗﹀悎Grounded Theory娲惧鏍囧噯鍜岄鏍肩殑浼樼澹伴煶銆備粖骞, 浠栧張鏇翠笂涓灞傛ゼ, 闄嗙画鍦˙oddika, Psyk鍙奆use Brussels鐨勫巶鐗屽彂琛屼綔鍝, 璁╁叏鐞冪殑绮変笣浠張鏈変簡鏇村鐨勬湡寰, 浠栦篃鏀惰幏浜嗘棤璁烘槸Hardwax鐨勮揣鏋惰繕鏄疊erghian鐨凞J鍙颁笂瓒婃潵棰戠箒鐨勬洕鍏夈

For your national holiday special, one more event production boss after bringing Mutual Dreaming landlady Aurora Halal, Bunker New York's Bryan Kasenic and 2 more Bunker guys, time to back to Berlin, Henning Baer is the one, the senior resident DJ of Grounded Theory, one of its founders, curator of its celebrated events, and a DJ of worldwide renown for ability and tastes. China Tour includes Shanghai, Hangzhou, Tianjian and Beijing.

Since its beginning in 2009, Grounded Theory has grown from a bracing new idea in Berlin techno to an institution of artistic nightlife both at its home and around the continent. Directed with acute vision and unerring judgment, its philosophy extracted from Henning’s long years at the front lines of electronic music, it remains diverse and cutting edge. Mirroring Henning Baer's DJ sets, Grounded Theory combines music from different eras and areas, remaining rooted in techno while shedding light on sounds less frequently heard on Berlin dance floors: forward UK music, experimental electronics, and underground techno names from across the globe, both new and established.

Following on years of closely-synchronized work with fellow resident Milton Bradley, Henning Baer is now asserting greater independence with innovative new production styles on a recent EP for Taanstaafl Planets. The launch of his own MANHIGH imprint buttresses the foundation of his own work, to be built up alongside a select few whose productions meet the curatorial acumen of one of techno’s finest ears. After esteemed releases on Sonic Groove, K209, Non Series and elsewhere, fans worldwide have much to look forward to from a label whose standards match those of Grounded Theory.

Already a respected artist, Henning’s diligence has transported him from the counter to the shelves of Hardwax and from the floor to the booth of Berghain in regular appearances. Now he is building further upon these impressive accomplishments, profoundly shaping contemporary techno from recent memory into the foreseeable future.

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