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TIANJIN PLUS offers a monthly selection of our favorite places in town. From restaurants to sports, check out our reviews and keep up with all that's best in Tianjin.

How To Make Your Children Study At Home During Lockdown

2020 August

Smartboards. A Dumb Initiative for Schools?

2019 December

Cell Phones Should Be Allowed In Schools?

2019 November

Food for Kids that Aid in Memory

2019 October

Best Recommended Meals in Schools

2019 September

Best ways to keep kids engaged while studying

2019 August

Why Laptops should not be banned in classroom

2019 July

Why Students Must Be Taught Kindness in Schools

2019 June

Classroom Management Tips for Teachers

2019 May

Boost your learning capabilities

2019 April

Ways to Increase Concentration

2019 March

How to Excel At Math?

2019 February

How the Right Time and Place Affect Your Study?

2019 January


2018 December

Eating Healthy During Exams

2018 November

How Classroom Assessments Improve Learning?

2018 October

5 Tips To Stay Engaged While Learning

2018 September

EXERCISE THE MEMORY: How to Be More Efficient and Acquire a Healthier Brain

2017 October

BACK TO SCHOOL: Healthy Habits for a Successful School Year

2017 September

HOW TO STUDY FOR AN EXAM When You Do Not Have Much Time

2017 August

All Aboard the Colour Express at the International School of Tianjin!

2014 February

IST Sets the Stage on Fire with Incredible Play

2014 January

TIS Students Compete in International Robotics Competitions

2014 January

Teacher Exchange Programme with Wellington UK

2014 January

It’s Your World’s Literacy fortnight and United Nations Day

2013 December

Creative and fun after-school development @Wellington College International School

2013 November

IST's End of Year Celebration

2013 July

‘2041: Saving the Earth’s Last Wilderness’

2013 June

$Change$ for Change

2013 June

International School of Tianjin Hosts Arts Convention

2013 June

Language Learning with ‘The Linguist’: Tianjin Plus Speaks to World Famous Polyglot Steve Kaufmann

2013 June

A Fun Filled Summer Fayre at Wellington College International Tianjin!

2013 June

IST Celebrated the Earth Day

2013 May

IST Grade 5 Exhibition

2013 May

IST Tree Planting

2013 May

Animal Cruelty Awareness C&S Group Field Trip to Auntie R’s Animal Shelter

2013 April

IST Grade 4 Art Exhibition

2013 April

IST English Poetry Recital

2013 March

China Week at International School of Tianjin (IST)

2013 February

IST Zombie Prom - A Nuclear Powered Play

2013 January

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