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TIANJIN PLUS offers a monthly selection of our favorite places in town. From restaurants to sports, check out our reviews and keep up with all that's best in Tianjin.

Best Coffee Shops

2018 November

Amazing Thai Restaurants

2018 October

Fantastic Outdoor Restaurants

2018 September

Have fun in Beijing!

2018 August

Trips Around Beijing

2018 July

Kid’s Paradise!

2018 June

Best Spots for the Entire Family

2018 May

Best Supermarkets Offering Imported Goods

2017 October

Where to Go to See Acrobatics in Beijing

2017 September

Adventure around Beijing!

2017 August

Blueprint Beijing

2017 April

The Beijing Coffee Buzz

2016 November

A Surprisingly Superb Trip to Beijing Aquarium

2014 February

A Walk in the Park

2014 January

Enjoying an Afternoon Coffee & Snack Sanlitun Style

2013 December

Welcome to Windsor KTV!

2013 November

Experience the World’s Climates at the Beijing Botanical Garden

2013 August

See Stars at the Beijing Planetarium

2013 August

Yellow River Noodles: Xi’an Style Xiaochi

2013 July

Take the Kids: Travel across China

2013 July

A Great Leap Forward

2013 June

Get Bookish at the National Library

2013 June

A Sea and Land Adventure at the Beijing Aquarium and Zoo

2013 May

Get a Bite of This

2013 May

Hidden Kingdom- Taco Bar Beijing

2013 April

Eastern Block!

2013 April

Panjiayuan Market

2013 March

Hidden Kingdom- La Taverne

2013 January

A Bagelful Morning

2012 November

Escape to Longqing Gorge

2012 October

Mexican Food Makes a Comeback in Style

2012 September

Beijing Craft Beers

2012 August

Beijing’s Hidden Frozen Treats

2012 July

Beijing’s Chilled and Relaxed Art Venue

2012 June

Beijing’s May Music Festivals

2012 May

Yellow River Noodles: Xi’an Style Xiaochi

2011 April

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