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TIANJIN PLUS offers a monthly selection of our favorite places in town. From restaurants to sports, check out our reviews and keep up with all that's best in Tianjin.

Latest cancer research programs and discoveries

2020 August


2020 July

December & Christmas Celebrations. Promotions & Specials offers

2019 December


2019 October

WeChat Group Administrator Responsibilities. Pay Attention!

2019 September

Gurm's Art

2019 August

Sleeping in the Clouds. The Tallest Hotels in the World

2019 July

International Food Festivals in China

2019 June

Airline Alliances: Why it matters

2019 May


2019 March

The 12 Best Countries to go on your Sabbatical

2019 February

Vision Hill Art Centre

2019 January

DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas

2018 December

Pompeii - The Infinite Life

2018 November

IST Green Team Solar Panel Project. BE PART OF A GREEN INITIATIVE!

2018 October

“Always-Sophie” Composing Music to Soothe the Body and Mind

2018 September

Differences between the most popular planes used by airliners today

2018 August

5 Daily Habits for A Better Mind & Body

2018 July

Let’s Boat On The Haihe River!

2018 June

The Fastest Hands in Hang. A Talk with Liron Man, an Audio and Visual Spectacle

2018 May

Telling Stories through the Beat

2018 April

Bienvenue! To Alliance Française

2018 March

What You Can Expect from the Great Wall Renovation

2018 February

Why High End Brands Can’t Compete With Regular Brands Anymore

2018 January

Merry Christmas in the Middle Kingdom

2017 December

A Fruit Basket for Good Sleep

2017 November

Tips on General Health and How to Lose Weight

2017 October

Tips to Improve Air Quality in Your House

2017 September

Quit Smoking and Alcoholism

2017 August

What Do Chinese Know About French Culture?

2017 June

Is ‘Reasonable’ An Appropriate Description for Replicas?

2017 May

Is Sharing Caring in China?

2017 April

The New Greatest Generation: Part II

2017 March

The New Greatest Generation: Part I

2017 February

The tricky Double 11, How does it take my wallet away?

2017 January

Tianjin Zoo: A Wild Day

2016 November

Snow Polo World Cup 2014

2014 February

The Making of a Chinese Documentary

2014 January

Life of a Muslim Foreigner Living in Tianjin

2013 December

The Terrific Tastes of Tianjin

2013 November

Tianjin Plus Magazine Turns 4!

2013 August

The Dog Saviour

2013 July

Top Ten Things to do in Tianjin This Summer

2013 June

Summer Food and Fitness Essentials

2013 May

Celebrate the Thai Water Festival (Songkran) in Tianjin

2013 April

Beauty in Henna

2013 March

Love & Passion via Salsa

2013 February

Teaching Tianjin How to Dance

2013 February

Best of Tianjin in 2013

2013 January

Celebrating Christmas in Tianjin

2012 December

Tianjin Couples Tying the Knot: An insight into a Chinese marriage

2012 October

Mid Autumn Mooncake Mania

2012 September

Chinese Valentine’s Day

2012 August

All About Summer

2012 July

It’s the Kids’ World at Tianjin Hila City

2012 June

Mother’s Day Special:“To mum, with love”

2012 May

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