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TIANJIN PLUS offers a monthly selection of our favorite places in town. From restaurants to sports, check out our reviews and keep up with all that's best in Tianjin.

Vaping Illnesses

2020 November

Like Finding Gold

2020 September

Mental health conditions related to the rise of COVID-19

2020 August

Plant-based milk, is it good for you?

2020 June

6 Benefits of Salmon Oil

2020 March

How stress affects mental health

2020 January

Zika virus, should you be worried?

2019 December

Seasonal Effectiveness disorder

2019 November

Debunking myths about vaccines

2019 October

Measles, why is it important to vaccinate

2019 August

What is HPV and why should you vaccinate

2019 July

Antibiotics. Why less is more

2019 June


2019 May

Understanding Blood Pressure

2019 April

10 Common Medical Conditions and Their Treatments

2019 March

Adenovirus: Everything You Need to Know

2019 February

A Perfect idea to redesign your smile All-on-four dental solution

2019 January

Alzheimer Support and Care Controls the Symptoms

2018 December


2018 November

5 Super Effective Herbal Teas to Treat Flu and Cold

2018 October

10 Early Signs of Parkinson’s disease That People Often Miss

2018 September

Benefits of teeth whitening

2018 August

Outdoor health benefits

2018 June

Does an Apple A Day Keep the Doctor Away?

2018 July

Digestive System Diseases

2017 October

Sight Difficulties

2017 September

You Don’t Sleep Early or You Can’t Sleep On Time?

2017 August

Avoiding Snoring for a Good Night’s Rest

2017 June


2017 May


2017 April


2017 March

Struggling With Depression - A Look into Mental Health

2017 February

Spinal Disc Herniation

2017 January

Kidney Stones

2016 November

Calcium Supplementation Can Cause Heart Disease

2014 February

Drug Allergies and Adverse Reactions

2014 January

Let's Help Early!

2013 December

Be Safe on the Roads!

2013 November

Eliott’s Corner: A Welcoming Space for Special Needs Kids in Beijing

2013 August

Everyday Germs

2013 July

Shoo Fly Don't Bother Me!

2013 June

Shang Huo, Internal Fire

2013 May

SOS Health Bird Flu

2013 May

What Are Vaccines?

2013 May

A Foreign Doctor’s Perspective Interview with Dr. Xavier Rault, Senior Medical Officer

2013 April

What You Need to Know about Teen Sexual Health

2013 April

Relax in Style!

2013 March

Pimples: To pop or not?

2013 February

International Gym Thai Massage

2013 January

Ultimate Relaxation and Anniversary Promotion at the Town Spa

2012 December

Giving your baby a healthy start

2012 November

Age V's Wrinkles

2012 October

Why Quit Smoking?

2012 September

Sending out an SOS

2012 September

Look Younger – Feel great!

2012 July

Five Steps to a Flat Stomach!

2012 June

Losing Weight – The Chinese way!

2012 May

Woman With a Mission

2012 April

A Touch of Bali at Town Spa

2012 February

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