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TIANJIN PLUS offers a monthly selection of our favorite places in town. From restaurants to sports, check out our reviews and keep up with all that's best in Tianjin.

CONRAD TIANJIN Celebrating 1st Anniversary

2020 August

Lessons We Have Learned From The Covid-19 Crisis

2020 July


2020 June

Mother’s Day in China

2020 May


2020 April

Home-Based Learning: A Remarkable Experience. Interview with Ryan Witt, Head of School, Tianjin International School (TIS)

2020 March

A Wellness Sanctuary in Tianjin. The award-winning Banyan Tree Spa experience

2020 February

SHANG PALACE Winter Highlights. Interview with Oliver Lai, Executive Chinese Chef, Shangri-La Hotel, Tianjin

2020 January

Healthy Ingredients and Traditional Cantonese Cuisine

2019 December

Cooking Is A Lifestyle

2019 November


2019 October


2019 September

Creating Emotional Connections

2019 August

Cycling In and Around Tianjin

2019 July

Happy SOHO Bar

2019 June

Gary Nash: From Tubabao and Beyond

2019 May

2019 Sports Events in China

2019 April

Three Fishermen. Steamed seafood restaurant

2019 March

POWER JAM LIVE @ Hard Rock Cafe Tianjin

2019 February

Ensuring every child succeeds. Dionne Zantua and Lisa Li

2019 January

Amazing Food & Detailed Presentation. Cyril Calmet, Executive Chef, Four Seasons Hotel Tianjin

2018 December

Caroline Garcia is Flying High

2018 November

Focus, Passion and Art. Tasting Edison Liu’s (刘涛) Masterful Creations. New Executive Chef at St. Regis Tianjin

2018 October

2018 Tianjin Open. Epitome of Excellence in Women’s Tennis

2018 September

Flamenco in Tianjin

2018 August

The Greatest Show in Tianjin

2018 July

Charity Summer Fair @ Wellington College International Tianjin

2018 June

IST Career Fair

2018 May

Recreating the Cantonese Culinary Palate

2018 April

A New Dining Experience at The St. Regis Tianjin

2018 March

Creating Innovative Flavours and Perception

2018 February

A Passion for Polo, Stable to Chukker.

2018 January

With Passion and Patience, You Can Reach Your Goals

2017 December

Shidu: A Classic Short Trip from Tianjin to Beijing

2017 November

Art of Craft to uncover multi-sensory flavors

2017 October

Emphasis On Service Learning

2017 September

Team Work is the Most Important Thing

2017 August

Chitchat With Landy Sun

2017 July

GANG GANG: A Bread Love Story

2017 June

Making a difference in Early Education: Unlimited Potential Institute

2017 May

Visiting the kitchen of Yvan Collet, Executive Chef, Shangri-La Hotel, Tianjin

2017 April

GIVE A VOICE TO THE VOICELESS, Interview with Zhang Lijia, Author of Lotus

2017 March

Leading China's Sailing Sport to New Heights

2017 February

ChangBaiShan International Ski Resort and Nature Reserve

2017 January

Look Down If You Dare: ShiLinXia Glass Platform

2016 November

Talking Crosstalk with Dashan

2014 February

Astor Hotel's Murder Mystery Tour

2014 January

TICC's Successful Christmas Bazaar

2013 December

The Astor Hotel's New Culinary Duo

2013 November

Talk with Mr. Daniel Wee, Deputy City Manager, Tianjin of Ascott China

2013 August

Your Beauty, Their Priority

2013 July

Banyan Tree Tianjin Riverside General Manager, Stefan Thumiger

2013 June

Best of Tianjin Awards: Celebrating Exceptional Service in an Exceptional City

2013 April

Lego International Education: Building an educational future, one brick at a time.

2013 March

Holiday Spirit at the Holiday Inn Aqua City

2013 January

TICC Holds its Christmas Mini Bazaar at Aulare

2012 December

Texas BBQ Bonanza in Tianjin

2012 November

Culture Express at Ancient Culture Street

2012 October

Pole Dancing Sensation in Tianjin

2012 September

Call of The Coach

2012 August

Dancing Queen of Tianjin

2012 July

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