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TIANJIN PLUS offers a monthly selection of our favorite places in town. From restaurants to sports, check out our reviews and keep up with all that's best in Tianjin.

OSTERIA Pizza. Bar. Music.

2019 August

Love for Food and Cooking

2019 July

Le Qiao Bar and Restaurant, TEDA

2019 June

1981: Grand Restaurant

2018 December

BELLA VITA Italian Restaurant & Café

2018 November

POMODORO Restaurant

2018 October


2018 July

Zii Mexican Food

2018 June

1981 Fashion & Restaurant

2018 April

Shangri-La Hotel, Tianjin Refreshes and Relaunches Two Signature Restaurants, Café Yun and Shang Palace

2018 March

A Mouthful to Yunnan and Back: Yún Shàng Qiān Hé

2018 February

Nán Duō Shì. Afro - Portuguese Restaurant

2018 January

DuDu Hai BATIK. Where tender loving care in the kitchen is transformed into vibrant colours

2017 December

The Best of Germany in the Heart of Tianjin: Donator Bier Haus

2017 November

Fine Fiery Flavours at Dong Sir. A Treat to Your Taste Buds

2017 October

Gang Gang Restaurant

2017 September

Digging in to the Best Pizza in Town: Yummy Box

2017 August

Procumbens Flowers: A Restaurant with Great Vibes and Amazing Food

2017 June

WOOD Restaurant & Bar

2017 May

Zone of Comfort

2017 April

1863 Fine Dining @ The Astor Hotel, A Luxury Collection Hotel, Tianjin

2017 March

Maxim’s: A French island in Tianjin

2017 February

PRAGUE RESTAURANT: Bringing Czech Flavor To The Heart Of Tianjin

2017 January

MARUFUKU – A Taste of Japan

2016 December

A Taste of Italy- Prego

2016 November

Fusion of Creativity and Healthiness at Blufish Tianjin

2016 October

Culinary Treats Tianjin: YU FEI YU Roast Fish

2016 September

Browns: A Taste of Britain

2016 August

Let the wheels move to Trolley Bar & Grille

2016 July

Unlock the flavours of Yunnan Cuisine

2016 June

Keeping It Fresh: Element Fresh Opens In Tianjin

2016 May

From Thailand With Love - Always Thai

2016 April

Brasserie Flo

2016 February

Milan Restaurant

2016 January

Kro’s Nest Pizza

2015 December

Drei Kronen 1308

2015 November

Blue Frog

2015 October

Flo Brasserie

2015 September

Capital M

2015 August

Beijing’s Best Mexican: Much More than Tacos!

2015 July

A Shrine to Culinary Greatness: Temple Restaurant Beijing

2015 June

The Shangri-La’s World-class Cantonese Cooking Team

2015 May

Chef Alain Devahive Tolosa tours Asia

2015 April

Not another Coffee Shop - Bulldog Coffee

2015 January

Malaysia Food Paradise Restaurant

2014 February

Munches of the Month

2014 February

The Burning Crab

2014 January

Munches of the Month

2014 January

Arriba Arriba… To La Bamba for a Budget-friendly Western-Mexican Experience

2013 December

Fusion Cuisine and Entertainment in Banyan Tree’s The Grill Restaurant

2013 November

Come and Forget Your Troubles at 一坐一忘!

2013 October

Weekend Outdoor Barbecue Buffet Dinner @ Hotel Indigo Tianjin Haihe

2013 August

Milano Pizza and Beer Pub - The Newest Place to Chill & Eat

2013 July

This Summer’s Best Barbeque

2013 July

No Compromises: Great Food for Less

2013 June

Concession Brunch at the Astor Hotel’s 1863 Bistro and Terrace

2013 May

Cantonese Cuisine at its Very Best in Qing Wang Fu

2013 May

Another Tangla Treat

2013 May

French Dishes at Via Veneto in Yi Boutique Luxury Hotel Tianjin

2013 May

La Seine’s Executive Chef Ricardo talks to Tianjin Plus

2013 April

Pattaya Thai Restaurant

2013 April

Cafe Sambal: Tianjin's Number One Malaysian Eatery

2013 March

German Restaurant Beer House

2013 February

Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore

2013 January

Dim Sum Delights at Tang Palace Restaurant

2013 January

Classic French Food in the Heart of TEDA

2012 December

Kudos: Tianjin’s Terrific Tastes of Thailand

2012 November

A Mighty Delight

2012 October

Listener Coffee

2012 September

Caffe Bene

2012 September

Seafood Buffet Feast in Seasonal Tastes

2012 September

EM Coffee Factory: Tianjin’s Ultimate Authentic Coffee Shop Experience

2012 August

Seductive Business Lunch in Yan Ting, The St. Regis Tianjin

2012 June

Le Foie Gras Sous Toutes Ses Coutures

2012 April

Leisure Time at Book Coffee & Tea

2012 March

Mei Mansion

2012 March

Flo Brunch Menu

2012 February

Da Hu Zi

2012 January

Interview with Milan Wine’s Dean Smith

2012 January

The Mighty Deli in TEDA

2011 December

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