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TIANJIN PLUS offers a monthly selection of our favorite places in town. From restaurants to sports, check out our reviews and keep up with all that's best in Tianjin.

Shijiazhuang's Magnificent Ancient Villages

2020 September

Theatre post Covid-19

2020 July

Dabei Monastery in Tianjin

2020 January

Traditional Chinese Ways to Celebrate Birthdays

2019 August

Peking Duck Glory!

2019 July

Facts About Chinese Kids’ Culture

2019 June

China’s Top 10 Food Streets

2019 May

Chinese Dating Etiquettes: Past and Present

2019 April

Which Lasted Longer- Poetry, Novels or Dramas?

2019 March

Famous Novelists of All Time

2019 February

School of Athens Painting by Raphael

2019 January

Bansky and the Art of Graffiti

2018 December

Impressions of China and Germany by Ekkehard Stoevesand

2018 November


2018 October

Why Kung Fu Remains an All-time Favourite Sport

2018 September

Family First: Strengthening Bonds and Ties

2018 August

Why Is Your Food Still Alive?

2018 July

A brief introduction of the armours and weapons in ancient China

2018 June

Why Do Chinese People Drink Hot Water?

2018 May

Trésors d’Ingres a Montauban

2018 April

Chinese Secret of Longevity

2017 October

The Philosophy of Wind and Water

2017 September

A Good Reason for Romance

2017 August

Getting married Chinese style

2017 June

On The Dragon Boat

2017 May

A Festival to Remember

2017 April

Who Runs The World? Girls!

2017 March

Rooster’s Business

2017 February


2016 December

Temple of Literature and Immortal Philosophy

2016 November

Tea Culture in China

2014 February

Hoster Elecave: Redefining Music

2014 January

An Interview with Photographer & Artist Barnaby Jaco Skinner

2013 December

A look into Chinese Post-Death Proceedings

2013 December

Getting a Sense of Chinese Humour

2013 November

Battle of the Bands – Final Heat

2013 August

Pre Work Assemblies: Boosting Employee Morale the Chinese Way!

2013 August

This is How China Rocks! Tiger Beer’s Search for Best Rock Band 2013

2013 July

The Philadelphia Orchestra Concert Brings Special Love to Tianjin

2013 July

Argentine Tango in Tianjin

2013 June

Celebrating 150 Fruitful Years in Tianjin - A Trip Down Memory Lane at the Astor Hotel Museum

2013 June

Julio Iglesias Received Well-Deserved Recognition in Beijing

2013 May

A Dance of Love

2013 May

Chinese Wonderful World of Short Films

2013 April

KTV Concert Yes, you’re a singer in your own right!

2013 April

What’s Up Weibo!

2013 April

Wei Xin - The Only Mobile Communication App You Need in China

2013 April

Killers of the Three Kingdoms

2013 March

Let's Play Mahjong

2013 February

Tianjin Plus Speaks to Cornelius Chiu of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra

2013 February

The Ancient Chinese Sport of Jianzi

2013 January

Take It, Justin! - The 40th American Music Awards

2013 January

Special Performances by Symphonia Vienna

2012 December

2012 Russian Oil Painting Exhibition to open in Tianjin

2012 November

The Young Singing Sensations: Les Petits Chanteurs de Saint-Marc

2012 October

Tianjin Ink

2012 October

The Sensational Musical Maestros: An Interview with the Sitkovetsky Trio

2012 September

Terrific British Theatre Group takes to the stage in Tianjin

2012 September

British Vocal Group sensation Blake comes to the Tianjin Grand Theatre

2012 August

The Man behind the Music

2012 July

Songs of a Cricket

2012 June

Yangliuqing New Year Paintings

2012 May

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