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Procumbens Flowers: A Restaurant with Great Vibes and Amazing Food

As you walk into Procumbens Flowers, you are taken on wonderful visual journey. The trendy d茅cor is reminiscent of a cool underground bar. Procumbens Flowers is not any ordinary restaurant - it’s also an absolutely amazing lounge bar with a very relaxing atmosphere. They have soothing live music daily from 7.30 pm up to 10.30 pm. With a bar and a mini stage on the first floor, a semi-open space on the second and a unique illuminated scene of a ferris wheel on the third, Procumbens Flowers is a must visit. Be it dinner for one, a date for a couple, a gathering of friends or even a special birthday celebration, do make sure Procumbens Flowers is at the top of your list of places to go.
Starting from their artistic plates with embossed ravens to their wonderful cocktail presentations everything is meticulously desinged. With the decadent spread of mouthwatering dishes, wonderful and friendly staff always ready to help it’s no wonder that it was nominated as one of the six Western restaurants recommended by as a must-eat-at restaurant in Tianjin (23 restaurants were recommended altogether). 
The must-try dishes at Procumbens Flowers include their specialty salad presented to resemble a colorful bouquet. Topped with various edible petals, fresh fruit, meat, organic vegetables and imported cheese it’s an absolute delight. Paired with two kinds of secret sauces, the chef’s special salad is an absolute treat. 
The German woodcutter sausage which serves 2 to 3 is a must-have if you are in for a drink with your friends. Served with sausages, thick French fries, freshly made salad and delicious fruit, this dish is all about sharing some fantastic food over cold beer while catching up with your friends.  
The juicy roasted lamb with red wine and vanilla reduction made with imported lamb from New Zealand is absolutely scrumptious as well. This premium lamb is marinated with the chef’s special herb blend, simmered in sauce and slowly roasted. This dish is finished off with a red wine and vanilla reduction. It is oh so delicious. The lamb is rich, tender and refreshing. Served with a sprig of mint, it takes you on a wonderful visual and gastronomical journey.
Cuttlefish noodle, made from imported squid ink is another popular dish served at Procumbens Flowers. Not only are cuttlefishes rich in protein, but they also contain mucopolysaccharide, an anti-cancer element. People with Yin or blood deficiency are especially recommended to eat it. Cuttlefish Noodles are braised and fried with fresh vanilla, cream, and seafood including  mussels, shrimps and cuttlefish. This dish is a culmunation of  delightfully fresh seafood flavors. 
The Spanish Seafood Paella Rice which serves 2 to 3 is another gem served at Procumbens Flowers. This traditional Spanish dish includes golden rice cooked with flavorful Saffron, embellished with shrimps, crabs, mussels, clams, drumstick meat, squid, and salami. The smell of the saffron rice along with the rich seafood makes paella absolutely irresistible. 
Procumbens Flowers offers its patrons an array of cocktails, one of their most requested being the mojito. A mix of lime slices, mint, rum, soda sum up the original concoction. At Procumbens Flowers you can choose from optional flavors including passionfruit, red pomegranate, kiwifruit, cherry blossoms and strawberry. Be it mild or strong the amount of alcohol mixed in is up to you. 
They are open daily from 11:30 am up until 2:00 am the next day. You can dine in your own private room or pick out a comfortable sofa. They also have free parking and Wi-Fi. Procumbens Flowers is truly an amazing place to visit in your search of culinary excellence in Tianjin. Wonderful atmosphere, great location and of course heavenly food, Procumbens Flowers offers the best of everything.
For Reservations call 022-87475655.
Address: First floor, Wangfu Yihao, Wenlan Road No. 28, Nankai District, Tianjin
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