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1863 Fine Dining @ The Astor Hotel, A Luxury Collection Hotel, Tianjin




Is time travel into the past possible? Most learned scholars would say ‘no’, but I would say ‘yes’. Upon arriving at the 1863 Bistro & Terrace – named after the year it was established within the Astor Hotel, I found myself stepping back into another time - an era of fine craftsmanship. It was such a cozy atmosphere with warm and great views.  I felt like I was sitting in a European restaurant in France rather than in Tianjin. It does not snow often here, but this night, the snow fell just outside the window adding even more to the ambience. As I sat for a moment, I pondered the history that had occurred here. I wondered about the noble people of the past that have dined here and what were they talking about back then.  
Ok, back to now, the appetizer has arrived.  It is a Goose Liver foie gras - so soft and smooth; an invitation into the fine dining multi-course experience that is unfolding before me. 
Next, the Caesar salad and mushroom truffle soup served in its own bread bowl. I normally do not like mushrooms – old memories -- but I had to try it as the description made me wonder how it had to taste. I was very pleased as it was not a strong chunky mushroom concoction but rather a combination of unusual ingredients that awoke my palate and created new, good memories.
The main entr茅e came forth with tender Australian beef, rarely found in China. It was seared and cooked to my liking. A pseudo-pan sauce complimented the meat with seasonings and spices. The sides of mashed potatoes were prepared better than even my own mother could have made.  Shhh, don’t tell her!  I later learned that there was a special ingredient added by the Chef Golden that you could never imagine being in mashed potatoes - whipping cream. Yeah, it was indeed whipping cream. I am no spring chicken and in my whole lifetime I have never thought of adding this ingredient. I love mashed potatoes and I was amazed that I could be amazed by this dish.
A perfect meal cannot just stop after the main entr茅e. You need a fine desert or coffee to follow it up. I selected the chocolate cake as I am not a fan of coffee. What made it different? I mean it must be different, right? You see the trend that everything has been prepared differently in some way. And, indeed it was because it had been garnished with an orange slice and fresh strawberries (even in winter). It was not too sweet and there was a hint of orange peel and almond instead of sugar.  Delightful!
Throughout the meal, the service was performed and the preparations were at a level I would expect from the finest European restaurants.  Worthy, in my opinion, of a few Michelin stars.
After the meal, I spoke to the Chef Golden, who was trained in some of the finest organizations and could truly sense that he has the penchant for using the finest natural ingredients and homemade sauces and dressings to enhance flavour. He is not afraid to experiment with new ideas to mix ingredients that convention would say -- don’t mix. Cooking is an art form and the level of craftsmanship this Chef has reached is on par with the historical craftsmanship that built this masterpiece restaurant and hotel. 
Remember when I said time travel into the past is possible, well luckily at this establishment you don’t actually go back in time and the well-known history is not spoiling the mystery but rather adding to it.
I recommend you visit the 1863 Bistro & Terrace soon to be inspired and also to experience contemporary International cuisine prepared with a caring attitude and creativity and splashed with artistic style.
1863 Bistro & Terrace
A: 1F, Astor Wing, The Astor Hotel, A Luxury Collection Hotel, Tianjin, No. 33, Tai’er Zhuang Lu, Hexi Dist.
Hours: Tue - Sun, 18:00 - 21:30
T: +86 22 5852 6888


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