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Rooster鈥檚 Business


Chinese Zodiac is something that everyone has heard of, but not a lot of people actually understand or know about it in depth. And, thanks to women’s magazines and the popularity of occidental culture, we are much more familiar with regular Western Zodiac. For some people, signs compatibility is a reason good enough to decide while there will be a second date and for others, a way to explain personality traits. Meanwhile, the strength of belief of Chinese people in their very own zodiac is astonishing - from planning pregnancy for a certain year to choosing the colour of their underwear. 

For the coming year – the Year of the Rooster (or chicken) – it is special like every other. For general knowledge and certainly not for mystical guidance, it is curious to know what is believed to happen when the Rooster is in business.
In the past 
In ancient times, before people got fancy wrist watches and even a clock, roosters had already been around, so a rooster’s crow was a kind of modern alarm clock - a signal to wake up and go to work. Also, similar to many other cultures, night was believed to be a time when evil and dark spirits walked the earth, so roosters were the ones to send them away by crowing loudly up to the next night to come. All in all, unlike other folklores, Chinese see roosters as noble and brave creatures that definitely deserve a respectful place in the Zodiac system.

Roosters among us
As for people who were born with a sign of rooster, they inherit many good personality characteristics from this remarkable bird. People born in these years are considered to be independent, warm-hearted, capable and having high self-respect. If you have ever seen a rooster pacing on a ranch, it is obvious where Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba and Matthew McConaughey (all were born in the year of rooster) got their sparkle from. Among negative traits, being impatient, critical, eccentric and selfish is usually imputable for people who are born roosters. However, there is no need to judge them just now - all “roosters” are different. In the Chinese Zodiac, a “birdy” sign just like any other has several variations - Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water rooster. 

Chicken Luck
There isn’t enough luck in the world to fulfill all the Chinese traditions to attract someone! But there are some special recipes for roosters to get fortunate: lucky numbers, colours, flowers, stones, and more importantly lucky directions. As for numbers, 5, 7 and 8 might bring some luck for people born in this year, yet 1, 3 and 9 can bring the opposite. So while waiting for a bus, dear roosters, you’d better jump on 578 route and following green traffic lights to hurry to your lucky destination! Next, colours of the rooster itself are lucky during this year - gold, brown, yellow and, of course, red. But, most importantly it is crucial to remember that West and Southwest are very lucky directions for people born in rooster year. So, in brief, always choosing a left turn or left line and going west for holidays are clever moves!
Chinese Zodiac Matchmaking
When it comes to choosing a partner for life, disappointments and heartaches are simply inevitable. But, on second thoughts, why not simplify the search and finally listen to wise Chinese Zodiac! According to it, roosters will find their love with oxen and snakes. While in nature this union is highly unlikely, among people it seems to be a great match. Rooster-Ox or Rooster-Snake couples seem to be totally compatible and can certainly hope for everlasting happy marriage, which on top of that will be an object of envy and admiration. Yet, with other signs like dog, rabbit and horse, relationships are destined to be tough and frustrating. When it comes to love, Chinese Zodiac is of course just an another way to find some logic in this truly unpredictable and sensitive matter, but who knows - maybe this time a sign can seal the deal. 
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