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China鈥檚 National Games Come to Tianjin




The 13th National Games of China will take place in Tianjin from August 27th to September 8th, this being the first time that this city is hosting an event of such magnitude. This national event is controlled and supervised by the General Administration of Sport of China and is held once in every four years This will be the third time that the National Games will be held during the Rooster´s year, the previous years’ being that of 1993 and 2005. 
Tianjin 2017 will be hosting 341 competitions spread over 31 sports, three more than the traditional Olympic Games which comprises of 28 sporting events. China´s Games include Baseball and Softball, two traditional American sports, and Wushu. Wushu is very popular in China and is practiced by a large number of athletes, even more than Taekwondo or other martial arts. China tried to include Wushu in the 2008 Olympic Games that took place in Beijing, but the International Olympic Committee didn´t approve and therefore the sport was omitted while the traditional 28 Olympic sports were held as usual.
Tianjin 2017 was chosen as the venue after the integration of sports with tourism. This option emerged when Tianjin Municipal Sports Bureau joined hands with Tianjin Municipal Tourism Administration to launch the Tianjin Sports Tourism Year for hosting an event which holds the motto: National “Games and Health in China, City of Taste and Joy”. In this edition there are expected to be around 12,000 athletes from over 40 delegations and more than 700,000 of visitors including media and tourists from China and the rest of the world.
Tianjin Municipality, the local delegation, holds the 19th place in the all-time ranking in China´s National Games with a total of 300 medals. This 13th edition of National Games will be hosted in different locations around the city with Tianjin Olympic Centre Stadium being the centre. It is a huge arena that can hold over 54,000 spectators and can hold most Athletics events which is the sport that has the higher number of competitions, namely 46.
The official logo of the competition was released in July 2016, the same day as Jinwa,    and the official mascot is a boy with characteristic Chinese traits dressed with typical Chinese costumes that represent the athletes in different competitions.
TP_201705_sports_01.jpgThere is a lot of faith in Tianjin Municipality as statistically the local delegation is one of the favourites as it has a bigger number of athletes and also the support of the public. In the last five National Games of China, the local delegation won the competition four times (1997, 2001, 2005 and 2009) and in 2013 the host ended up in the second place. So the chances of Tianjin Municipality to make a great presentation are very high, even though Tianjin isn´t a salient sports delegation compared to other regions like Beijing or Shanghai. But there’s been a great investment in sports over the last few years that has upgraded this area, thus making the host of the next National Games a really good competitor.
It is important to mention that this competition is meant as a qualifier for the next Asian Games that will be held in Jakarta and Palembang (Indonesia) in 2018. So the winners and athletes that earn the right to represent China will face other Asian nations in order to gain a spot in the next Olympic Games that will be held in Tokyo in 2020.


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