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Hey there Ornato, describe yourself in three words.
Amazing good cook.
So what brings you to the lovely city of Tianjin and how long have you been here?
My work brought me to Tianjin and I have been here for almost five years. 
You work in the hotel industry as a chef. How did you end up with this as your career?
I didn’t originally want to but I wasn’t great at school so I had to make a choice and here I am now.
What are your favourite recipes to cook? What are your specialities? 
Tagliatelli with lobster pesto! It’s amazing. As for my speciality cuisine, I like to cook Mediterranean food. 

Which are you favourite places to eat in Tianjin? What are your favourite foods to eat?
Din Tai Fung, but I also like to eat at Tianjin’s famous Goubuli. 
You also have photography as a hobby. What inspired you to pick this up?
When my first son was born, I wanted to have some nice pictures of him, so I taught myself photography.
What is your best memory of your time in Tianjin and why?
I used to love to go to the local markets like Da Hutong, but now it has been moved and it’s not quite the same any more.
Is there anything you miss about your home country? What is it and why do you miss it so much?
I mostly miss my mum and some of her food – because it’s legendary. 
Is there anything that you would change about Tianjin?
Pollution is the only thing that I would change. Tianjin could be the best city without pollution. 
Is there anything else that you would like to add?
Tianjin has changed a lot and it is still changing daily. People are friendly and simple and one more thing that is important to me is that Tianjin is very safe as compared to Europe. Thank you, Tianjin. 
Thank you Ornato, wishing you the best with cooking and photography!


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