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Established in 2015, the brainchild of Mr. Zhang, WOOD Restaurant & Bar has branches in Tianjin and Beijing. The inspiration behind the name stems from how hundreds of trees come together to form a magnificent forest. Wood restaurant makes sure that it uses ingredients of the highest grade to guarantee freshness of all the dishes serves here. The decor at wood is gives an air of sophistication intertwined with simplicity. The soothing music and the cozy table setting are perfect for a romantic dinner with your significant other.
WOOD Restaurant & Bar uses pollution-free fruits and vegetables, high quality meat and seafood that are generally imported from Australia, South America and Northern Europe. Ingredients are an integral part of any dish and the fresh produce used at WOOD heightens the natural taste and adds to the deep flavour of the mouth-watering gastronomical delights.
WOOD Restaurant & Bar serves culinary delights from around the world including French and Italian cuisine as well as Mexican-style snacks. They will soon be opening for Brunch and Afternoon tea as well. During each season the menu at WOOD Restaurant & Bar changes as per the availability of seasonal ingredients and the climate in order to ensure the freshness of the dishes. 
The Main Chef at WOOD Restaurant & Bar has been working at Shangri-La Tianjin and Ritz-Carlton Tianjin. He is well experienced with an abundance of knowledge in fine dining as well as superb craftsmanship. The talented maestro at WOOD Restaurant & Bar whips up some truly wonderful dishes to suit each and every palette. 
Must try delights at WOOD Restaurant & Bar are: 
TP_201705_Restaurant_01___245368853.jpgFresh French classic foie gras with caramel apple which uses special French foie gras plus milk, carefully pickled, topped up with apple based sweet caramel. 
Baked Monsanto Cheese with Italian Wild Mushroom, Chinese little greens and Purple Cabbage - this dish uses imported Mohatan cheese with a medley of fresh vegetables and high quality mushrooms baked to perfection. 
Cobb Salad which stands out with the chef’s special secret sauce.
Four-coloured salt fried Alaskan tiger shrimps with lemon olive juice and vegetables - this dish uses  Alaskan tiger shrimps roasted with a special array of four-colored sea salt.
Slow baked Angus Filet with beef roll, nuts and butter and with red wine black pepper sauce. 
Carefully Roasted finest Australian beef, reduced with the special black pepper sauce.
Tiramisu (using Italy’s finest mascarpone combined with premium rum and handmade coffee made at the same day of order to ensure the freshest taste for guests.
They also have a pretty extensive bar serving numerous types of Gin, Bourbon and Whiskey. 
WOOD Restaurant & Bar offers its patrons wide variety of delicious cocktails, which includes around 10 signature concoctions. They also have special promotions, which include their new menu for the season where you can sample the delightful dishes for free. They also have special holiday packages with guests of each table receiving a little surprise.  

鏈ㄩ鍘 WOOD Restaurant & Bar
A: 5F, The Central Palace, No.19 Wujiayao Street, He Xi District, Tianjin 鍚村绐戝ぇ琛 19 鍙蜂腑澶叕棣 5 妤
T: +86 22 60955550
O: 10:00-14:00, 17:00-22:00


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