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Vision of Luxury Cars of the Future



One of the biggest questions right now, regarding the automobile industry is how cars will look like in the near future. Already we have dozens of different concepts, offering different capabilities and different features. They can give us a glimpse of how future cars will look like, or more precisely, which new technologies they will bring. Keep in mind that those cars are not going to be the same as the ones we drive today. According to research, future cars will go in two directions - one of them is autonomous driving and the second is electrically powered cars. 
Self-driving (autonomous) cars 
The main feature of future cars is autonomous driving. It may sound like an impossible task, but already we have models with this feature. For example, Tesla already offers autopilot feature, BMW started offering it as well and several other manufacturers are working on it. In essence, this is something that will probably be standard in cars by 2050.
Autopilot feature will work on a simple principle but it's going to use complicated technology. It will use the combination of the Internet, sensors, cameras and maybe even V2V (vehicle to vehicle) technologies to determine where it can go. The first systems will be optimized for highways. Probably they will be upgraded systems that we have today in Tesla cars, but after some time, they will start working in cities too. 
By 2050, we will definitely have self-driven cars that can pick you up, find a parking space and recharge their battery or fuel tank. This also brings us to the second direction that future cars will move towards.
Electrically powered cars of the future
Even today, we have pure electric cars that are suitable for most usages, but they are far from perfect. They still require a lot of time to recharge batteries and they are slow. Some of them even require up to 24 hours to recharge the battery and replacing the battery will be mandatory after 10 years and it will cost you up to $10.000! Some cars with these ‘’issues’’ are Nissan Leaf and Tesla to mention a few.
But, here we can already see improvement. The absolute leader right now is Tesla. Their cars have a range of 265 miles which is impressive. However, it will soon be a poor result. Porsche Mission E is the pure electric car that comes from the future. It is still a concept but it allows us to see how electric cars from the future will look and what they will offer. It has 600HP and the range of 310 miles. 0-60mph acceleration is 3.5 seconds, so in essence, this is a pure sports car powered by electricity. The most important feature is the charging time. It will be capable of recharging the battery up to 80% in less than 15 minutes! 
By 2050 most cars will be powered by electricity. They will probably be capable of recharging batteries in less than 10 minutes and the ranges will be up to 1.000 miles on a single charge. All other performances are going to be similar to petrol-powered cars that we can buy today, or maybe even better. Interesting: Electric cars have a much higher torque than petrol powered cars which allows them a much better acceleration from 0 RPM.

Car engines/motors of the future
Gas powered car engines may sound great but they are not as efficient as you may believe. Only between 20 and 30% of the fuel is converted into power and the rest is converted into heat! Besides electricity, which will be an absolute leader in the future of cars, we have hydrogen. A few years ago, Honda FCV Clarity was launched, a car that is powered by hydrogen. It had 435 miles range on a single charge and refueling was the same as in case of gas powered cars.
Some cars may use a combination of the gas powered engine and a hydrogen/electric motor. But all of them will have redesigned engines which will be boosted by turbochargers and will be economical and eco-friendly. By 2050 fuel will become extremely expensive, so gas powered cars may stop to exist! 
Future of car interior and exterior
Here things cannot be overseen. Right now, some of the cars from future that are available today are BMW Next 100, Mercedes IAA and several others. All of them will have a smart interior which will adapt to a driver. The exterior will adapt to the driving conditions like we saw in the Mercedes IAA.
The bottom line is that those cars will literally change their appearance as you drive them along. Will it be possible? It already is, so by 2050 it will probably be a standard feature. 
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