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Tang Dai


Situated opposite the beautiful Four Seasons Hotel, Tang Dai is truly a hidden gem in the heart of Tianjin. This exclusive bar, opened in late 2015, is spread across five floors. As you step into Tang Dai you are greeted with a stone gargoyle overlooking the main entrance. The atmosphere is one that is uber cool and trendy. The d茅cor is reminiscent of a midcentury castle complete with a beautiful chandelier surrounded by verandas of second and third floors. If you prefer an outdoor experience, Tang Dai also offers an outdoor bar for its customers, which is open during the warm summers of Tianjin. 

Tang Dai serves up an impressive menu of cocktails, including high alcoholic and hot drink infused varieties. Prices range from 50RMB to 95RMB. Cocktails at Tang Dai have a star rating so that the customers can pick a drink being considerate to their alcohol tolerance. Some of their highly alcoholic cocktails include the appropriately named Wheel Chair which is a mix of barardy151, cassis and Peachtree. Certainly not for the fainthearted, the Wheel Barrow has an impressive 7-star rating. Other adventurous combinations include absinthe and who am I. If you prefer your drinks slightly less alcoholic, opt for one of their many different types of mocktails. When you head over to Tang Dai also try out their signature drink namely “Tang”. 
Tang Dai stands out from other bars and pubs in Tianjin as every aspect of this establishment is given much thought and meticulous planning. Even the menu is detailed and fits into their unique theme. Not only limited to alcohol, Tang Dai’s menu includes some mouthwatering side dishes to accompany your delicious drink as well. The Japanese crab meat served with wasabi, the deliciously juicy grilled pork sausage and spicy chicken wings are some of the must-have dishes here at Tang Dai. They also have some exotic choices like fresh oysters and Libya ham paired with fresh fruit. 
Tang Dai has two bars on their premises manned by three very talented bartenders. The main bartender is Mr. Zhang Zekun. A maestro behind the bar, Mr. Zhang whips up some amazing concoctions for customers. What makes Tang Dai stand out from other clubs is their live music performance followed by the DJ session held every day starting from 10.30 pm onwards. The performers are wonderful and play an array of amazing instruments and soothing music. Staff at Tang Dai is very friendly as well so if you have any questions everyone will be most happy to help you out. 
Tang Dai has a sole branch in Tianjin, which is located at Chifeng Dao.  If you are in for a relaxing drink after work or a night out with your friends, do head over to Tang Dai. The atmosphere is perfect for a good night with friends. It’s definitely a must visit in Tianjin’s ever expanding nightlife scene.
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