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Zone of Comfort


Exploring a megapolis city like Tianjin brings plenty of delights, however there is always room for a comfortable spot where you can indulge yourself with healthy delicious food or enjoy a cup of tea or coffee while savouring the view from your window. If you are looking for a place just like this, Easy Zone Restaurant is perfect for you. 


Located in the busiest area of Tianjin (close to Binjiang Shopping Street), Easy Zone is an oasis for those who would like to escape from the city noise and relax in an unostentatious atmosphere. The restaurant is conveniently situated right next to Fuxing Park and guests can enjoy the view from panoramic windows or from the terrace on the second floor. The white decor and abundance of plants and flowers inside the restaurant give guests a feeling of serenity and comfort. At Easy Zone you can always find a private lounge or a quiet spot with a nice view.


“Easy Zone - a place for healthy food”, Oscar Yu, chef of Easy Zone explains. “We care about our guests and it is essential that we not only indulge them with new and tasty dishes, but can also reassure them with the best quality of products we use”. Imported meat, seafood, fruit and many other ingredients are certainly one of the factors that make dishes at Easy Zone delicious. The Easy Zone menu includes a variety of salads, main courses, barbecue choices, hot pots and many other dishes wherein all of them are cooked with minimal oil or other unhealthy ingredients. One of the chef’s recommended dishes includes the Mild Cooked Rice Salad Meal. It is a perfect fusion of different veggies, rice, spices and delicious oil-based sauce that is quite nutritious and yet isn’t heavy. 


Looking at the menu of Easy Zone, guests can easily mention variety of cuisines that the restaurant can offer - from traditional Chinese dishes to Korean barbecue, from Hot Pots with veggies or meat to Mexican paella or Italian pizza. This diversity came to the restaurant with Oscar Yu, whose cooking experience goes much further than Tianjin. “I have worked and studied in many countries - Europe, South America, and my experience and imagination help me to create new dishes to satisfy our guests’ tastes and meet modern trends”, - says the chef. Indeed, Easy Zone can help you to discover absolutely new tastes and try any unexpected fusions - take Kimchi Pizza for example!  


Easy Zone has not only taken care of vegetarians - offering dishes without meat, even hot dishes and main courses - but also thought of those who want to loose some weight before the upcoming summer! Diet dishes or dishes with low calories are one of the most popular choices and light hot pots are one of them. With or without meat, Easy Zone hot pots are quite different from what we are used to seeing in traditional Chinese restaurants: very light bouillon, fresh veggies and tofu are your best allies on a way to a slimmer figure, or if you, overall, are not a fan of overeating. 


However, not forgetting that Easy Zone is a place for a comfortable time and relaxation, the owners not only thoughtfully included a coffee (excellently brewed), a special selection of green and black tea, cocktails and healthy smoothies, but also offer a great wine and cocktails menu. The Chilean and Argentinian wines that you can find in Easy Zone can be great with not only wonderfully made desserts but also with a great view from the terrace of Easy Zone restaurant on a warm summer evening!


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