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Chitchat - Darren Grosvenor


Hi there, please introduce yourself…

My name is Darren Grosvenor (AKA 杈句汉) and I came to Tianjin back in 2006 from Southern California.  I enjoy travel and have been to over 60 countries so far.  Some of my favourite places include Austria, the Cook Islands and the Maldives.  I am also a pilot of airplanes and helicopters which satisfies some of my desire to be on the move and see different places. When it comes to work, I am the Principal Consultant for HRK Consulting & Investment. We’ve been running a very successful business for many years.
What has made you stay in China for so long?
I find that China is growing very quickly and Tianjin specifically is changing every day.  The opportunities here for business growth is almost never ending.  I look forward to seeing more advances and more efficiency as the country develops. I also find the people to be some of the kindest and caring in the world.  Their desire to please or to find a way to make others feel comfortable is very admirable.
You have starred in many Chinese films and television programs. What it is like to be a foreign actor in China?
Since it is rare to have a foreigner in a Chinese film or Television show, you are kind of a celebrity amongst the crew by default.  Many try to practice their English ability.  Many famous stars are being pushed to be bilingual so they will also try to communicate.  Unfortunately, since I am an outsider, I am not familiar with who is famous in China.  I think the famous actors like that as I treat them like normal people when I talk to them.  I did once make a mistake with Jackie Chan when I asked him for a picture right at the start of the conversation.  It is always best to give to them first before ever asking for anything. 
What do you enjoy most about acting?
I enjoy watching the creative talents of myself and others blending together to make the writer’s words and the Director’s vision come to life on the big and small screen. In life, each of us are actors.  Every day, we do things we do not desire to do or must be nice and put on a happy face in times of turmoil or strife.  This is showing a different look to the outside world then is in your mind or in your heart.  That is acting.
Is there anything you miss about your home country?
I do miss the larger portions of food and deserts that have more flavour.  I also miss the rampant desire to make things more efficient that American’s have ingrained into their daily thinking.

If you could summarize life in Tianjin in three words, what would they be and why?
A Great Future - Tianjin is located in the right place.  Not too cold and not too hot.  Close to the sea and to the bigger cities.  The future is bright as long as the people can allow it to happen similar to what Shanghai has done so well with its new policies.
Any last words? 
To me LIFE means Living In a Fun Environment.  If you take out the Fun, it is just a LIE.
Thanks for telling us about your life in China so far, Darren! Wish you the best for the future!
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