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Tianjin Zoo: A Wild Day


Zoos are incredible venues which allow for unique opportunities to get up close and personal with wildlife and nature in a way that brings out the true explorer in all of us. It’s especially important for kids to be given such opportunities when they’re young so they can have magical experiences that last a lifetime. Luckily for us here in Tianjin, we need not look too far to find a whole menagerie of animals to set our imaginations running wild.

The Zoo has a long history in the city, with construction starting in 1975 and officially opening in 1980. Located just south of the Water Park, the zoo is home to over 1800 animals and 180 different species including some of the world’s most endangered species. The 133 acre land is split by habitat and visitors have the exciting opportunity to see the likes of tigers, zebras, monkeys and of course, China’s favourite – the cuddly and cute panda, plus so much more!
Inside the park, trees and grass are abundant. The scenery is charming and is perfect for children. The colourful castle-like structures and giant animal models are something to behold. They make a real contrast to the real life animals you are about to encounter but give you a playful taste of what to expect beyond the gates. If you’re feeling on the dangerous side, enter through the giant tiger’s mouth and wait and see what adventures await you!
The beauty of a zoo is how the scenes change from one habitat to another. For the birdwatchers out there, take a detour to the bird encounters exhibit, where you’ll find lots of free-roaming birds from many different species. There are ducks, flamingos, chickens and even vultures – amongst other things! The range of species is set to inspire so binoculars should be at the ready to get a real close up look. Cheeky macaque monkeys can be found playing on tyre swings and climbing around the free roaming rocky enclosure. 
Some of the stars of the show, of course, include the big cats. We’re talking about lions and tigers – true kings of the jungle. For safety, these animals can be viewed through glass screens. The viewing enclosure itself is small and prone to crowding. Whatever you do, don’t wake the beast. Remember at all times to respect the animals by not banging on the glass to provoke them. This is a great lesson for children to learn at a young age. Let their inquisitive nature take over without disturbing the animals.
For even more fun for the family, head over to the water arena where you can have the opportunity to see bears playfully splashing around. To get even closer to nature, you can even feed the seals for a small fee. A fish is loaded up onto a makeshift bamboo rod to lure the adorable seals closer for a nibble.
A trip to the Zoo in China would not be complete without one more animal. Pandas simply cannot be avoided on your trip! It’s all very luck of the draw on this one though. Pandas are renowned for being incredibly relaxed and sleepy. If the odds are in your favour, you’ll be greeted with an endearingly sweet bear that will win the hearts of all the family. If you’ve drawn the short straw, keep your fingers crossed that their cute cousins, the red panda, are morelively in the next section. Packing just as much of a punch of cuteness, red pandas can quite easily become a family favourite too. 
Opportunities to feed the animal in open-style enclosures are dotted around the entire zoo. But, make sure that the food you give is appropriate for the animals to eat. A visit to the zoo is not complete without learning about the animals, their diets and their habits. It’s only when you have learnt these new lessons that you can have a true appreciation of the animals before you and the nature around us in the world. Beyond pretending you are a safari hunter in Africa, or Tarzan exploring the jungle, zoos are great educational spaces for everyone to work together and find out more about wildlife protection.
Being one of the “Ten Scenery Sports” of Tianjin city, it is famous far and near. Tourists are attracted to Tianjin zoo by its reputation as a scenic spot, so make it your next family outing when you get the chance. Tianjin Zoo sincerely hopes that friends from all circles would contribute their love for the development of the undertaking of wildlife protection and will co-operate closely. So what are you waiting for? Go and have a wild day out!
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