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A Surprisingly Superb Trip to Beijing Aquarium




A friend came by the other day and gave me a surprising recommendation for somewhere to check out on the weekend. When they suggested a trip over to the Beijing Aquarium, which is part of the city’s huge zoo, I was taken aback and couldn’t imagine that I would enjoy spending my afternoon gazing at a few fish. What’s more, the general consensus amongst the reviewers on travel sites tends to be that the Beijing Aquarium is overpriced and overrated. But hey, life is all about trying new things, so Saturday came and off I went with my young son on line 4 of the subway to the Beijing Zoo station.

The zoo itself has a wide range of animals and is worth a browse, although the creatures are not always kept in the most comfortable of conditions, so animal lovers probably best stay away from that particular location! Aside from that aspect though, it’s great fun for kids and an interesting way to pass a few hours.

When I found the aquarium it was time to see what all the fuss is about. I bought the tickets, which came out at 120 CNY (a bit pricey) and as we sauntered through the aquarium I started to see what my friend had been saying all along.

It really is fascinating to see all of the different kinds of fish from all over the world swimming around as if they were still in their natural habitats. The colours and patterns on some species are truly an incredible sight. Walking through the tunnel with sharks swimming right above your head is amazing as well. You can spend hours just walking around and enjoying the magnificent beauty of these sea creatures.

My son’s favourite part of the trip was the stunning performances put on by the aquarium’s team of dolphins. It was an amazing site to see as the beautiful creatures did a series of carefully choreographed stunts and tricks. It would be impossible not to be impressed by their antics!

I was definitely surprised by the whole experience, and looking back now it is so sad to think that this opportunity to have a great day out could easily have been missed out on.


By Grace Batty

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