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Chitchat - Alyssa Ramsey



Why did you move here and what’s your occupation? 
I came here a few months ago because I’ve always been interested in learning some Chinese, and a friend of mine helped me find a teaching job here. I’m an EFL Speaking and Listening instructor at Fortune Education, which is a centre that helps secondary school students prepare themselves to go to universities in the U.S.


As a newcomer to Tianjin, what advice would you give other people that have just arrived to the city? 
Go to the three places I mention below!


Comparing American culture to Chinese culture, what differences have had the most impact on you?   
I’m pretty thankful for most people’s patience and helpfulness in dealing with foreigners like myself who don’t know very much Chinese yet. If instead, people had had the resentful and impatient attitude that many folks in the US have towards non-English speakers, my experience here would’ve often been a bit of a nightmare.


What's the worst and best aspects of Tianjin life?  
What’s the worst: dropping something important on the ground and finding a gigantic glob of phlegm stuck to it when you pick it back up. What’s the best: going snowboarding for a day for only 150 CNY. 


What's the strangest thing you've seen/experienced since you've been here?   
The poop-themed restaurant called Modern Toilet in Aqua City is the weirdest thing I’ve seen, ever.


What's your favourite Chinese dish so far?  


Name your favourite places in Tianjin so far. 
Indie Bar (just off Yichang Dao 瀹滄槍閬), Han Coffee, Da Hutong.


What do you like to do in your free time here?  
In my free time I like to go to the above-mentioned places, play guitar, and read.


Name one thing you really miss from home, and one thing from here you know you’d miss if you went back home?   
I miss being able to go running outside anytime I want. When I go back home I will definitely miss all the unbelievably delicious and cheap food here.

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