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Malaysia Food Paradise Restaurant

Serving the Finest of Malaysian Cuisine





Malaysian cuisine is fuelled by a combination of tasty spices, curry mixtures, palatable side dishes, and the mouth-watering dipping sauces that incredibly vivifies the palate. Simply put, Malaysian food culture is colourful and exciting because when you say Malaysian food, you are talking about food influenced highly by Malay, Chinese, Indian and many other culinary traditions colliding in its cuisine.


This is why in Malaysia Food Paradise in the Aocheng area of Nankai District, their menu is filled with tasty dishes personally picked and prepared by Botak Lee, its Malaysian chef. For a start, the  Malaysian Satay Special (CNY 15 – CNY 36) which has chicken, beef, and mutton choices, all with satay sauce, cucumber, and onion are perfect for snacks or during a whole meal with rice and other dishes.  Some appetizers are Deep Fried Crispy Bean Curd (CNY 38), Deep Fried Crispy Wanton (CNY 35), the popular Malaysian vegetable pickle Nyonya Acar (CNY 20), and more, to jumpstart your Malaysian cuisine experience.



Malaysia Food Paradise also takes pride in their original preparation of Bak Kut Teh (CNY 41-86), a dish consisting of meaty pork ribs simmered for hours in a complex broth of herbs and spices. Chef Botak Lee’s very own Barbecue Roast Pork (Char Siew at CNY39-75) is a savoury and sticky sweet perfection of pork marinated in honey hoisin sauce. Special Spare Ribs, another Lee specialty, is an interplay of sauces and other ingredients that makes it one of the customers’ favourites.


Other delightful dishes to choose from are the Chicken Curry with Potato (CNY 42), Curry Beef with Potato (CNY 49), Curry Mutton Rib (CNY 52), Deep Fried Curry Chicken (CNY 45), Claypot Chicken Rice (CNY 47), Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice (CNY 42), Pineapple With Chicken in Sweet Sour Sauce (CNY 68), Crispy Chicken in Lemon Sauce (CNY 48), and so many more. Malaysia Food Paradise’s seafood dishes are also a must-try as they are served with generous sauces, side dishes, and are of course, truly Malaysian in the richness of flavour- whether it be sweet, salty, sour, or a combination of different tastes. There are also abundant vegetable dishes to choose from, soups, noodles, rice meals, desserts, and drinks.


With ample choices, one could never go wrong trying out Malaysian dishes at Malaysia Food Paradise. Prepare to dive into Malaysia’s food culture and experience the wonder each dish brings. From NyonyaAcar to NasiLemak to BakKutTeh down to Malaysia’s national drink the TehTarik, Chef Botak Lee of Malaysia Food Paradise truly brings the finest of Malaysian cuisine to Tianjin and it is something worthy, truly worthy, of your visit.


(Address: Building C1-107, Aocheng, Nankai District. Tel no: +86 22 8783 1589)


By Cathy Perez

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