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The Greenman Bar - The Heart of Tianjin's Student Community





Located on 149 Weijin Road, on the third floor of the Yulang building, Greenman is a bar that strives to create a home to locals, international students, and young employed individuals alike. Its central location amidst Tianjin’s three main universities – Nankai University, Tianjin University, and Tianjin Medical University –places it within the heart of the student hangout zone.


The Yulang building, which is a fifteen-minute walk from the Wujiayao metro station, also houses the Meshani Bar, a pool room on the top floor, a video gaming centre, and an internet cafe. It is safe to say that there is much exploring to be done in this building.


Greenman is a fairly new bar on the scene, debuting just over a year ago, and one that is quickly becoming a favourite within the student community, offering a less crowded atmosphere and more chilled out vibe in comparison to bars such as La Bamba and Helen’s.


Owner Li Wei is a friendly young local who embraces the feeling of freedom and hopes to create a place where people can unwind and enjoy good food, music and drinks.


Li Wei hopes that in the future Greenman will become one of the best bars in Tianjin, establishing a reputation of being comfortable with the ability to enjoy sports. The bar includes both a pool table and a foosball table, and the television is usually tuned to any major sporting event taking place at the time.


It is to be noted that prices of drinks are not the cheapest around, however there is definitely an extensive menu of exciting cocktails and other liquor present here. Cocktails range from 25 to 50 CNY whereas beers start from the price of 10 CNY.


The chef in the kitchen prepares some great snacks; the tomato chicken pasta is particularly recommended. The cheapest meal starts at 15 CNY, which gets you a burger with chips and a healthy portion of salad.  There is the option of western as well as Chinese rice-based meals.


Greenman is also known to host live karaoke performances as well as private parties. So if you were thinking of experiencing a relaxing evening playing pool with your friends, you wouldn’t want to miss this venue.


By Sarah Ali

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