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A Walk in the Park





Beihai Park is one of Beijing’s most celebrated public spaces. It is situated just north of the Forbidden City / Tiananmen Square area and consists of 170 acres of blissful peace and quiet. When you want to escape the tremendous hustle and bustle of Beijing life, there is definitely nothing better than a leisurely stroll in the park.


It sounds strange, but when you walk around Beihai Park the air seems cleaner, life seems slower and the whole world seems like a better place. It doesn’t matter too much about the weather. Right now, if you wrap up properly, you can still enjoy strolling through the park and taking in the scenery.


Aside from the beautiful flowers, overhanging trees and general greenery, Beihai Park has plenty of things to look at. There are several Buddhist temples within the grounds, as well as many statues and sculptures dotted around. One of the best sites within the park is the White Pagoda (Bai Ta 鐧藉), an elegantly built 40-foot tower which hovers over the skyline. Another interesting little building is the Round City (Tuancheng鍥㈡垚). Inside there is a 2-metre tall Buddha statue, which has an interesting history, first emerging in China as a gift from the King of Cambodia to the Emperor of China.


Walking through the park you will hear the occasional sound of music as numerous aspiring musicians come to practice playing their instruments. Many people take a brisk, solitary stroll around Beihai with their headphones on in order to relax and put the stresses of the working day aside. Others prefer a slow saunter whilst interacting with other visitors. If you find yourself in Beijing and in need of a place to chill out, Beihai Park is absolutely perfect!

By Grace Batty

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