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TIS Students Compete in International Robotics Competitions



Tianjin International School (TIS) Students Compete in International Robotics Competitions


Imagine – A story and testimonial

By Jessica Headrick.  Grade 12

Chink chink, whirl.  The robotic claw opens and then tightens around the large inflated ball, and in a breathless moment, it successfully lifts the ball a metre off the ground. I had been working for months on a design that would provide my robot with the leverage and friction to perform this maneuver, and I’m thrilled!  As a senior, I am enrolled in Tianjin International School’s Competitive Robotics course.  In the first semester our task has been to design a robot that could complete a series of functions for two competitions. This experience taught me the value of an idea, the importance of an engineering process, the vitality of time to produce a functional outcome, and the ability to achieve maximum teamwork. My very first robotics competition in Tokyo, Japan was an incredible learning experience that prompted me to reach above and beyond my own design abilities.  I was disappointed, however, to find that my robot did not measure up to the highly developed competition, and the final ranking landed me at the "back of the pack."  Imagine my shock and surprise when I was awarded the Amaze and Design Trophy!  The design process and iterations I had gone through to produce my robot, recorded in my engineering notebook, had impressed the judges.  

Course Description

In order to incorporate higher levels of learning through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), Tianjin International School (TIS) has expanded its Robotics Program this year!  Robotics helps students to unlock the power of their imagination by designing, coding and constructing radio-controlled robotic devices that can lift, throw, climb, gather and expand the boundaries of experimental intelligence.  By working together to create robots that perform exciting challenges, students also gain valuable problem-solving and team-building skills.


This complex, problem-solving course has limited seats, so students were asked to apply in writing and communicate why they should be afforded a place on this new program.  Here are exerts from their applications: 


"Ever since I first took the AP Computer Science class at Tianjin International School, I felt that programming and coding would heavily influence my life."


"One of my dreams is to become a robot engineer."


"I know this class will help me towards my future career as a software engineer."


Tianjin International School is offering this Competitive Robotics class as a course with a pre-requisite of AP Computer Science.  Students taking this new course are working on the VEX Robotics Systems.  This fall students traveled to Tokyo in November to participate in the ASIJ VEX Robotics Challenge and to Taiwan in December for the Taipei Formosa VEX Toss Up Robotics Challenge.  Find out more by visiting our website

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