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IST Sets the Stage on Fire with Incredible Play



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International School of Tianjin proudly performed its annual school drama production for family and friends to enjoy. The school is the largest international school in Tianjin, with a current enrolment of around 500 children ranging from kindergarten to high school. The school was initially opened in 1994, around the time when the nearby Motorola factory first opened, meeting the rising demand from the expat community.


The only school to have an annual production this year, IST held a fun, vibrant and witty performance of L. Frank Baum’s popular children’s book ‘The Wizard of Oz’. IST preformed it with a unique modern twist, calling their school play ‘The Wizz’. Directed by Chrissie Akov, the performance proved to be a highly entertaining show for all ages. It was not uncommon to hear modern colloquial language being used in the play. The actors performed in a confident manner, and as a result the show was a compelling one to watch.


Over a hundred children from the entire school took part in the play, demonstrating an impressive front of teamwork and unity. Students of all ages danced, sang, took part in the orchestra and showed great theatrical skills. Whilst not all of them took part in the acting, plenty of support was shown by the sound and lighting team behind the scene. In addition, the flourishing art work displayed on the sets throughout the production, which was also created by the students, once again demonstrated the collective support from the students. The children from the International School of Tianjin showed a range of skills in their musical, artistic and theatrical talents.


The evening was filled with music, drama and mayhem. The leading actress of the play, Eunice Mae Sandoval playing the role of ‘Dorothy’, showed true diversity in her acting ability. The other protagonists Katie Tylor, Lawrence Lin and Bo Kyeang Kim playing the Scarecrow, Lion and Tin woman, as well as the The Wizz himself Micheal Fitzgerald, all put together a riveting performance too. Having to sing and dance as well as act, it is fair to say that the leading actors of this play put together a performance that was engaging and enjoyable.


The evening was full of excitement, fun and laughter; a perfect prelude to the winter festivities coming up. 


By Sarah Ali

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