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A Night of Indulgence at Knight Bar and Restaurant





Within the stylish European-inspired buildings of Jinwan Plaza, the fancy Knight Bar and Restaurant has recently opened its doors, occupying a two-floor space – just the perfect nook for either a date or a night of chilling out with friends.


The word ‘knight’ makes one think of a man honoured by a sovereign for his bravery, his strength, or his special military skills. Well, at Knight Bar and Restaurant, guests feel as honoured, as the staff serve you with only the best food and drinks at reasonable prices. It are the qualities of a knight, a spirit of courage, of quick wit, of the will to survive, not to mention the great taste and high fashion sense, that made the bar owner choose this name.


Knight Bar and Restaurant opened four months ago, bringing with it its promise to serve great Italian food and a fantastic drink selection. Aside from the specials that are offered every month, Knight’s regular menu has an abundant selection of good Italian food and drinks that will surely take you a long time before deciding what to order. Should there be any confusion, just call Marco, Knight Bar’s Italian manager, and he will generously guide you through the restaurant’s menu and give suggestions and recommendations that are truly helpful.


The bar’s first floor, aside from the romantic lights hanging from the ceiling and the well-kept bar, has an area where they prepare Knight’s famous wood oven pizza. To many, Knight’s heavenly-tasting pizzas are hands down some of the best in Tianjin. The second floor has a bigger space for dining with more tables and chairs, a bigger bar area, and a musical stage ready for jamming.


As mentioned, Knight Bar and Restaurant has reasonable prices, yet the good of quality food and drinks are evident. Scan the menu and see for yourself; there is a wide selection of Belgian beers, plus a range of cocktails, shots, coffees, juices, teas, and soft drinks with prices ranging from 15 CNY to 35 CNY. Of course, food selection is abundant from starters to the main dishes to dessert. Pasta and pizza choices also come aplenty, with prices ranging from 38 CNY to 78 CNY.


So if you’re one who enjoys a good place to chill sans the maddening crowd and blasting music, visit Knight Bar and Restaurant and enjoy the relaxing environment and great food and drinks they offer.


(Tel. no: +86 22 23219296 Add: 1F, Block 5, Jinwan Plaza, Jiefangbei Road, Heping District, Tianjin)


By Cathy Perez

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