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Hoster Elecave: Redefining Music




The Tianjin music scene sees itself on a rise with the addition of a refreshing new face, a new young, vibrant group performing under the name of Hoster Elecave. They perform their music in underground venues in Tianjin, producing styles such as elctro, bass and dubstep. They are currently the only music group of this kind in Tianjin. All 4 group members are born and bred here, holding great pride for their city and wanting to create great music for the people in their hometown. 


Band members Lil Gong, Se7en-Ei8ht and AKuang explain how there have been many bands in Tianjin, but unfortunately they have not stayed for long. Hoster Elecave, however, say that “we are here now, and we intend to stay”. They also said that Tianjin has some excellent bands, but in comparison to Shanghai and Beijing, this city is still developing.


The group was formed just over a year ago, when four friends realised their common taste and fondness of bass music. They usually play in an underground venue called Bar Kei, in the International building located at number 75 Nanjing lu, Heping district.


The group emphasizes that they are not focused on gaining awareness or being a business venture, but rather they are in it for their love of playing expressive music underground. They say that right now their music in Tianjin is enjoyed by youngsters, especially young foreigners who attend universities nearby.  The group produces their own unique ‘beats’ to be played twice a month.


Playing music underground is an important aspect of their music. They explained how the setting was truly an important feature of their music as it is representative of their culture, which they admitted was not very open. They talked about coming from a society that is a bit closed, and how this extended to music too. To symbolise this obstacle they want to perform in a place where they are physically hidden.


They are currently trying to push their performances into bars, where they want to share their music with more people. They have also been known to hold parties, and indeed play at other people’s get-togethers. What sets them apart is not only being the sole group of their kind, but also the many levels of feeling expressed in their songs. Many complex and unique ideas are portrayed all in their music.


If you fancy listening or jamming to some electro, bass or dubstep music whilst in Tianjin, Holster Elecave are worth checking out!


By Sarah Ali

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