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Astor Hotel's Murder Mystery Tour



The Murder Mystery Tour




The 23rd of November saw Tianjin鈥檚 oldest hotel host an evening of glamour and glitz with a flare of dramatic suspense. The high walls of the Astor Hotel, A Luxury Collection Hotel, Tianjin graced the presence of their well-esteemed and immaculately turned out guests. The event started with a bang at 6:30pm, photographers ready with cameras in hand, waiters with refreshments ready to serve and musicians with their instrumentals strung.

Upon arrival, guests were made to walk along the red carpet of fame, where celebrity shots of them were taken. This was followed by a grand reception in the front lobby that was accompanied by refreshments of mini pastries, champagne and the soothing tones from the violinists. Guests were then encouraged to adopt a celebrity identity by pinning humorous names such as Queeny Lee Teef, Shiek Speer and Eddy Mafee on their lapels. Characters which the guests took on with great spirit, showing off their new celebrity identities to one another and jesting about their names.

Decked out in all their finery, the guests mingled and enjoyed the good liquor whilst the hired actors were busy playing out their gruesome tale.  The story being played out by the professional international actors and actresses was about the beloved Sir Craig William Elkin III hosting the 2013 movie awards. The awards were being presented by talented up-and-coming movie director George Penne, and the exceptional award-winning fashion designer Vivi Vienne. With this storyline in mind, attendees witnessed hell break loose when a young talented nominee was brutally murdered. The entire evening was filled with suspense as all wondered who was responsible for this tragedy. The guests at the Astor were left to suss out the mystery with the help of the acting cast. Lively debates were held in the form of a public questioning and personal interrogations. All this took place amidst the historic background of the Astor hotel鈥檚 fine d茅cor. Carvings of historic Chinese figures adorned the walls, helping to conjure a spooky atmosphere for this perfect theme.

Once guests were ushered upstairs, they were seated at their tables and the much-anticipated meal was served, with as an entree a delicious Mediterranean seafood salad with fresh basil pesto. As the courses of the meal progressed, guests were entertained by the on-going entertainment organised by TurnUp events, a truly spectacular performance of the murder mystery tale directed by Hannah Mills.

The main course consisted of tender grilled beef fillet with a baked mushroom pie and asparagus with hollandaise sauce. This was followed by guests getting up and inquiring around for the suspected murderer, and they also had a chance to vote for who they thought was indeed the callous culprit. Desert came with a splash of colour in the form of Peach Melba, vanilla ice cream and raspberry sauce. This led to a live questioning about the suspected murderer, and guests were given a chance to interrogate the suspects on stage.

The night ended with a cup of freshly brewed coffee and the signature Astor chocolates. Yet for some this was only the beginning, as the ladies and gentlemen swung one another around on the polished wooden dance floor, possibly with the murderer still lurking amongst them.

TurnUp events put on a riveting performance, continuing to set the standard from their similarly excellent performance in Beijing last year. Tickets were sold at 400 CNY, which included a cocktail reception, a 3 course set meal, including soft drinks, beers, and wines, and a murder mystery performance by international actors. If you were looking for a slightly different but nevertheless amusing and entertaining evening, this was one not to be missed.


By Sarah Ali



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