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Objects of Desire: Tian Jao Furnishings





Christmas is coming up. Everyone is shopping, buying and wrapping gifts. Sometimes thinking about getting the perfect gift for each person you know gets overwhelming and there is nothing fun about it. To make things simple we’ve found the perfect place where you can get all your Christmas presents. You only need to make a list and visit Tian Jao Furnishings, a magical place that features every item you could imagine, for every budget, and provides the option of wrapping your special gift for you, choosing either an original gift wrapping paper or decorated boxes. The only thing left to do is waiting for that special day to come and treat your loved ones, friends and acquaintances.


Tian Jao is a very popular shop amongst locals. It is located very close to Binjiang dao, but not on the main road. It has been around for many years, and is getting bigger, more spacious, and featuring increasingly special items. What is so great about this place? You can find everything you want, from popular Chinese souvenirs to high-quality original decoration items and from funny presents for friends to special handmade jewelry that you will not find anywhere else.


The venue is nice to visit too. From the door it looks like a normal shop, but once inside the place comprises many spaces, different rooms with different decor. Upstairs it features a room full of painting and photography items. The stairs are decorated with different style wall clocks. Downstairs is a maze, one room is specializing in everything you need to wrap a beautiful present, decorated boxes, special gift wrapping paper and ribbons, another room is filled with Chinese porcelain items, another with minimalist and modern kitchen utensils.



What to choose?

For someone who likes cooking: original items to decorate the kitchen, as well as utensils and floral aprons are on offer. For Christmas Day, there are furnishings to create the most special Christmas table

For the ladies: Jewellery is always welcome, and here you can even get your own design made. Original mannequins and jewelry display stands are a perfect choice for someone that has already got too many accessories.

For a family: Items for decorating the house

For expats: Delicate classical items and souvenirs from China.

For yourself: An original gift


5 Treasures:

1 Wooden board with inspirations

2 Metal chairs

3 Original mirrors

4 Decorated trunks

5 Modern clocks


Address: Tian Jiao Furnishings 澶╁▏瀹堕グ

No.162 Liaoning Road, Heping District, Tianjin 澶╂触甯傚拰骞冲尯杈藉畞璺162


By Silvina Pardo

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