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Arriba Arriba… To La Bamba for a Budget-friendly Western-Mexican Experience



1987年电影La Bamba用记录的镜头全方位地诠释了墨西哥风情。很多影迷都是跟随着这部电影的脚步走进墨西哥的世界。如今,在天津就出现了一家具有浓郁墨西哥风情的西餐吧——La Bamba,餐厅选用了与电影同样的名称,让人在用餐的同时,追忆电影情节。餐厅坐落在卫津南路与电台道交口,在这里,传统墨西哥餐厅的装潢和原汁原味地味道都让生活在天津的外国人流连忘返。


Right next to the entrance hangs a large poster for the 1987 film La Bamba, chronicling the life of Hispanic-American rock ‘n roll musician Ritchie Valens. It’s a fitting image for La Bamba, a recent addition to Tianjin’s bar and restaurant scene, and located almost directly opposite Tianjin University’s East Gate. The bar’s interior has taken ideas from the American diner, with its comfortable dining booths and white plastic tables, while the red walls and sombrero hats give it a Mexican twist.


Because of its location, La Bamba attracts many Chinese and foreign students, making for a vibrant mix of customers. While the staff members speak little English, the menu is set up in both Mandarin and English, and offers an extensive list of food and drinks that is again combining American/Western and Mexican influences. In the food section, find everything from salads, burgers, sandwiches, and pizzas, to steaks, burritos, and fajitas, with plenty of vegetarian options available. Sandwiches are served on toasted bread and, like the burgers, with some tasty french fries on the side, while burritos come with a complimentary helping of salsa. If you’re looking for a proper Mexican-style burrito though, you may be a bit disappointed, as they do lack a bit of spice! 

Apart from your standard beers and soft drinks, there’s also has a large range of cocktails and spirits to choose from.


Aiming itself primarily at a student crowd, La Bamba has many special offers for those on a budget. On Mondays, burgers cost only 10 CNY, on Wednesdays the same goes for sandwiches, and Fridays are for burritos.Tasty food in decent-sized portions: for a price as low as this, you’d be a fool to miss out on it.


Fridays also come with the ‘5 Yuan Revolution!’, meaning gin tonic, screwdriver, whiskey coke, rum coke, draft beer, and tequila are served at a mere 5 CNY all day through, and additionally Happy Hour – every day from 11am to 7pm – serves draft beer, mixed drinks, and tequila at the same price.


Aside from discounts, La Bamba’s drink prices are quite low as it is, with most cocktails costing only 25 to 35 CNY. Soft and hot drinks are priced pre-7pm and post-7pm, when the prices double, but are still quite decent. Standard dishes such as burgers, sandwiches, and salads, are usually between 25 and 35 CNY, whereas pizzas can cost from 40 CNY up to 100 CNY. Steaks and fajitas are the more expensive options, respectively priced 86 CNY and 58-68 CNY.


Although primarily set up as a food establishment, La Bamba has also quickly become a student favourite for nights out. The mostly Western pop music, a foosball table, and a darts corner echo most foreigner-friendly bars in the area, but its incredibly convenient location, good food compared to similar establishments, and ridiculously cheap drink offers make it stand out just a tad bit more. Recently it organised a buzzing and successful Halloween night, which seems to promise more events in the future. 


By Sanne Jehoul

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