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Indie Bar & Restaurant




Indie, the name says it all really. Fun, unique, arty and a real alternative from the other mainstream bars in Tianjin. The definition from the urban dictionary proclaims it to be ‘an obscure form of rock which you only learn about from someone slightly more hip than yourself’. Having visited the Indie bar, the vibe of this somehow hilarious definition can actually be quite aptly placed to the atmosphere found here.


Due to the bar being surrounded by universities, it is usually teeming with a young international and local crowd; the common ground being that they are friendly artists, students, teachers and interesting independent individuals.


Located on Yi Chang Dao by Qi Xiang Tai Lu in Yi Chang Nan Li, this bar may not be the biggest in Tianjin, but it certainly strives for being the best. Indie is the love child of owner Jesse Z and Rain Chen. Rain was born in Tianjin and you may know her from the top secret bar on the 19th floor of Scarlet or from her activity in Tianjin's live music scene with Jesse, a Canadian Expat from Greater Vancouver coming into his third year as a Tianjin resident.



Having being opened just over one month ago (27 October), Indie is slowly becoming famous for its 'homemade pizza by the slice', nightly live music, and warm atmosphere. Also, Rain is hui min and Jesse is a vegetarian, so if you are Muslim or vegetarian you don’t have to worry about eating at home before you come out! 


At Indie all the drinks and meals are made with care and yet are not priced unfairly. The owners encourage creativity and fun. With local artists blessing the stage, great games, and fun friendly staff, boredom is something far from minds of frequenters.


When asked what sets their bar apart, the owners responded with a heartfelt; ‘Our feelings, openness and individuality sets us apart. You have to come see for yourself'!



 By Sarah Ali

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