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In the Spotlight: Red Light Cafe


鍗触璺笂鐨勭孩鐏挅鍟″惂锛Red Light Caf茅锛夊湪骞磋交浜轰腑灏忔湁鍚嶆皵锛屽緢澶氫汉閮芥槸鎱曞悕鑰屽幓鎺㈠簵锛岀户鑰岃閭i噷杞绘澗鐨勬皼鍥达紝绮捐嚧鐨勮娼㈣屽惛寮曘傝繖閲屼篃娓愭笎鎴愪负澶╂触骞磋交浜哄嵏涓嬫瘡鏃ュ伐浣滅殑鍘嬪姏鍜屼笁浜斿ソ鍙嬭交鏉惧皬鑱氱殑“閫冪涔嬪湴”銆備笉鍚屽浗瀹舵枃鍖栫殑铻嶅悎鍦ㄧ孩鐏挅鍟″惂浣撶幇寰楀挨涓烘槑鏄撅紝鏃跺父涓惧姙鐨勬枃鍖栦富棰樿仛浼氬惛寮曠潃鏉ヨ嚜涓栫晫鍚勫湴鐨勫勾杞讳汉锛屽伓灏旇繕鍙互纰板埌涓浜涘勾杞荤殑鍏堥攱鑹烘湳瀹朵滑銆傜墿瓒呮墍鍊肩殑椋熷搧鍜屽悇鑹茬殑璋冮厭锛屽湪浣撻獙寮傚煙鏂囧寲鐨勫悓鏃舵弧瓒充綘鍛宠暰鐨勪韩鍙椼


There’s a certain charm about the Red Light Caf茅 that makes it the latest hangout to capture the attention of youngsters. It has basic entertainment, generic food and drinks, but the catch is that fun is unpretentious- whether it is obtained by spending time with friends over a bottle of beer, or at the Foosball table competing against equally fun-loving youngsters who just want to spend the night in a relaxing and chilled environment.


Red Light Caf茅 is located on Weijin Road just across from the east gate of Tianjin University. Its catchy signage outside the building where it is located makes it an easy find, go up the second floor and Red Light’s cool environment welcomes you – bar area on the right, wooden chairs and tables, foosball area, darts, some musical instruments, and a lot of different countries’ flags hanging on the ceiling.


The array of flags are evident of Red Light’s appreciation of different cultures, thus, everyone is welcome to feel at home here. To the left side of the bar are plenty of colourful cushions and comfortable mats just in case you choose to unwind by taking off your shoes and sitting on the wooden floor. Strings of cultural yet cool events already happened at Red Light. In October, for example, there was the Traditional Culture Party and Tianjin Special Snacks Party which were organised to promote the relevance of Chinese Culture to its foreign guests.


First on the menu are appetizers and snacks – Tapas for CNY 38, Honey Chicken Wings (CNY 35), Nachos (CNY 35), Popcorn Chicken (CNY 25), Garlic Peanut (CNY 10), and many more. There are also pasta (CNY 32), sandwiches (CNY 20-28) and some Asian favourites like Thai Fried Rice, Baked Rice with Assorted Sausages, Seafood Baked Rice, and some others.  If you crave pizza and would ask for Red Light’s recommendation, the house speciality is their Buffalo Chicken Pizza which has the right amount of spice to fill up your tummy as you nibble it with your favourite drink. 


Speaking of drinks, Red Light’s Draft Beer is CNY 10, while you can also order a pitcher for CNY 18 and tube for CNY60. Bottled Beers from famous brands like Tsingdao, Heineken, Budweiser, Corona, Hoegaarden and Erdinger are available while cocktails come aplenty- whether it be Red Light Special Cocktails (CNY 30-58), Classic Cocktails (CNY 28-32), Non-Alcoholic or Alcopops. Of course, Tequila Shots and the likes are also available, so are liquors, juices, coffee and tea, and different kinds of soft drinks.


On Friday nights and on weekends, the place gets filled up easily with people hungry for some weekend unwinding. You’ll hear laughter, see some dancing, and will probably be taken in by chill out songs coming from the speaker. Grab a chair, listen to your friends, smile, and just enjoy what Red Light Cafe has to offer... a sweet, sweet escape from the drag of daily life!


By Cathy Perez

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