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My Style Notes - Colour and Texture




The new season’s key looks are about strong women of every variety, mixing opposite trends and contrasting looks. Here you will find a map, so you don't get lost on the amount of options; find which colours and textures to choose to stand out through the winter.

Crazy Fur
All out or nothing was the fall’s fur message. Ultra-shaggy, patch worked, vibrantly coloured and oversized, this statement is not for the tame. This winter shaggy textures have a 3-D quality. Aside from real fur there are lots of unexpected options, combed mohair, curly teddy fur, shaggy afghans and sheepskin. The key is to balance the bulk, so with a chunky fur jacket keep legs skinny, and be careful about layering fluffy garments; one is enough. Think about incredible fun furs applied everywhere; on shoes, bags and jewellery.

The catwalk looks like a rose bouquet, pink is everywhere, from the palest petal pinks to dusky damask hues, designers are filling their collections with a warm glossy glow. Head-to-toe rose tones offer a beautiful spin to classic winter colours and will brighten gloomy winter days. For a modern look partner it with soft grey, cream and tan shades or toughen it up with masculine black footwear.


Checks and Plaids
This is a classic for every winter, a pattern that has cold weather all over it. Checks came back in every shape, colour and fabric you can imagine; colour-drenched checks, bright blanket weaves, silky tartans and plaids. The modern twist is all about the colours. Change traditional, dark patterns for softer colours, while fur, sequins and silks bring plaid to the party.


Fashion just got tactile. They are not exactly practical, but feathers bring a glamorous and original touch to the collections, they feel romantic, decadent and with a retro vibe. From Marabou and dainty ostrich to shimmering jewel-toned peacock, few adornments can match this fancy embellishment. You can try matching a feathered skirt with a slouchy jumper or bringing soft glamour to cocktail dressing by night.


Keep some summer feeling into the winter, white is here to stay! It was the perfect choice of hue for this seasons minimalist and ideal to pair with pastel coats and pink outerwear. White is classic and fresh and the best part is that it goes with everything. The way to wear white this winter is head-to-toe white out, and the key to making it feel wintery and appropriate is the choice of materials- anything with wood or fluffy will feel warm and cosy. No wonder Calvin Klein, Valentino, and Mulberry got into this simple but effective trend.

Floral patterns are essential. They are fun, colourful and bring life to every outfit. Doing florals in winter is simple. Go for lush blooms in over-ripe hues. Scattered across blackened silk and chiffon, this will make this season’s florals look dark, enigmatic and glamorous. To create a moody and melancholic image, add sober skirt lengths and severe necklines. Burnt orange, red and blacks teamed with stained lips and smoky eyes set the tone for a dark winter romance.


By Silvina Pardo

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