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Creative and fun after-school development 锛燱ellington College International School


Creative and fun after-school development 锛 Wellington College International School 

After School Activities

One of the strengths of Wellington is its richness of extracurricular activity provision, just as it is at Wellington College in the UK. The activities are an important part of the whole education of each child. They provide opportunities for our pupils to try new things, acquire new skills, excel at things they enjoy and, importantly, to get to know their teachers and each other better. This is the principal reason that full involvement with after school activities is compulsory for everyone this year.


Thanks to the varied interests and enthusiasm of our excellent teaching staff, we are offering more activities than ever this year, with around 100 activities offered throughout the week. A pupil could be engaged in an Archaeological Dig on Monday, Juggling on Tuesday and practising the Triathlon on Thursday, to suggest just one of thousands of possible combinations.


A new after school offering this year will be the (optional) After School Academy programme for IELTS, TOEFL and SATS courses.

Art in Junior School


To adults and children alike, Art should be, and is, a lot of fun. The appreciation of colour and shape is taken for granted and children just love getting messy. Beyond the obvious fun and enjoyment, Art expands a child’s ability to communicate, to interact and provides a set of skills for self-expression. It also helps to develop the right side of the brain and allows the child to develop strategies in a similar manner to those required to learn a new language. Art is integral to the curriculum in Wellington’s Junior School and can be found in all subject areas. Although predominant in the earlier years it is an important developmental tool for all age groups. We are fortunate enough to have superb facilities that allow students to develop their creative skills in an environment that positively encourages them to do so. At Wellington College children of all ages have the opportunity to express themselves through the medium of Art and to develop their sense of imagination. ’The future belongs to young people with an education and the imagination to create,’ stated President Obama, and at Wellington we offer our students every possible opportunity to unleash the imagination and creativity that all children possess.

Visited the Green Cow Farm

Wellington College International Tianjin Year 3 and Year 4 pupils and teachers arrived at Green Cow Farm on the morning of 17 September. The guide from the farm welcomed them with great enthusiasm. To begin with the pupils were introduced to the ethical approach to farming that drives this smallholding towards agricultural excellence. Key words such as organic, compost, pesticide and genetically modified were introduced to the children in both Mandarin and English and they marvelled at the tales of water-less compost toilets and bovine husbandry.


Then the best bit: meeting the animals and a spot of farming. As they toured the farm they encountered cows, pigs, geese, chickens and an abundance of fresh vegetables. The farm dogs and mosquitoes were also more than happy to make our acquaintance. But the fun didn’t stop there. Wellington pupils were also able to use the hand-crank corn sheller, the enormous millstone and the over-sized pestle and mortar in order to reduce the corn to practicable dust.

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