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KTV is one of the most popular places for entertainment in china. Beijing offers all kinds of these venues which range from affordable smaller karaoke bars to large up market lounges with several rooms. There are also KTVs with different themes. For example, there are the Coolth KTV club, Hello Kitty, Ocean, and Chanel. Some of the KTV bars provide a buffet which is included in the package price of the room. Most of them include a small supermarket with beverages and snacks.


Probably the best one in Beijing is Windsor KTV, which is located in one of the prominent business centres of Beijing called Guomao. Situated only a couple of moments walk away from the subway once you depart from exit D of line 1, the KTV can be found inside the SK business building which makes it relatively easy to find.


Windsor KTV is one of the more up market and trendy venues in Beijing, with a plush interior, gold surroundings and comfortable sofas near the reception area. The rooms are very well equipped, spacious and comfortable, with a microphone attached to a stand on a small platform near the widescreen television; good for showing off your singing prowess (or lack of) in front of your friends. Also included are props for your entertainment such as flashlights, dice, and tambourines. The supermarket is well equipped with a wide range of beverages, alcoholic and soft drinks, as well as a varied arrangement of snacks. The staffs are very friendly and welcoming and make sure the guests are satisfied with their experience. Here you will find various package deals available to customers and different price ranges for the room. You can book online or just check with the custom service see if they include a discounted price!


By Fiona Cheng 

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