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Fusion Cuisine and Entertainment in Banyan Tree鈥檚 The Grill Restaurant




The recently opened Banyan Tree Hotel in the Hebei district, near the river, is introducing its new restaurant The Grill to the Tianjin public. One month before the official opening, Tianjin Plus was invited to have a first look and taste.

The Grill is the first of its kind in the Banyan Tree hotel group, which was founded in Thailand in the mid-1990s. Compared to the Tianjin hotel’s other fine-dining restaurant Bai Yun, which is fused by Cantonese cuisine, The Grill offers a vastly different style. Its executive chef, Anders Groenholm, is ethnically Korean but grew up and was trained in Denmark. His global experience in countries such as Turkey, Australia, and Korea, makes for an interesting fusion cuisine, which as he notes has resulted in “a combination of a steakhouse and a Mediterranean restaurant, with influences from different countries and an emphasis on quality meat and local seafood.”


Entering the restaurant with its intimate lighting and dark brown interior, the warmth and cosiness of this environment makes you feel right at home. Before deciding on your selection – both set menus and 脿 la carte dishes are on offer – you are given a personal hand-washing ceremony at your table. The gimmick is taken from the Banyan Tree’s signature restaurant Saffron, and makes sure you feel refreshed and hygienic before starting your meal. “Our guests need to have a great experience,” explains Director of Food and Beverage Handy Bunardy. “We would like to position ourselves as a sophisticated and elegant establishment for fine and formal dining. Eating is not just about the food and silverware on the table, it’s about a total experience created by excellent service and well-trained people.”

Amongst the appetisers – which according to chef Groenholm are often indicative of “a chef’s creativity in flavour combinations” – there are small Turkish ‘pide’ (similar to pizza) with a warm Brie cheese dip, one of the chef’s personal favourites, and salmon with chutney and foiegras.

Starters are varied and include seafood and meat, while healthy salad options are also available, all with perfectly balanced seasoning, sauces, and vinaigrettes. The clams with garlic are mouth-wateringly good!


In their aim to go beyond the standard dining experience, The Grill has chosen an extra element of entertainment: guests are able to see the grill kitchen through a large window in the back of the restaurant. You can come and see the chefs cook your meals for you! Groenholm also regularly shows his face inside the restaurant to ensure that guests are satisfied and to provide some information about his creations.Whether it’s the rib-eye steak or the king prawns, their high quality imported meat and local seafood is delicious, perfectly done, and nicely presented with a range of complimentary side dishes from mashed potatoes and chips to grilled plum tomatoes and beans.

To top it off, The Grill has an excellent pastry chef whose signature banana mousse with a chocolate crisp is a must-try, although the classic apple pie with cinnamon and ice cream is a fierce competitor.


For a set menu, The Grill’s prices range between CNY 500 and CNY 600. Additionally, near the front of the restaurant’s entrance is a wine cellar accessible to guests, with a selection of over 150 wines from old world to new world, with prices going from CNY 250 per bottle to CNY 34,000 per bottle. Those preferring wine by the glass can choose from 8 varieties, plus sparkling wine and champagne. The Grill also excels in its loose-leaf tea collection, which was created especially for Banyan Tree.


By Sanne Jehoul


Find this new asset to Tianjin’s culinary life by the riverside:

No. 34 Haihe East Road, Hebei District, Tianjin 300010


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