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Come and Forget Your Troubles at 一坐一忘!

On the edge of Wudaodao on Hebei Lu, near Chengdu Dao and the Westin Hotel, sits 先农大院 (Xiannongdayuan), a recently renovated European style courtyard (reminiscent of the Italian Style District). The courtyard has attracted a number of fresh and trendy shops and restaurants including a western style bakery, a number of international restaurants, a Starbucks, and a unique Lijiang themed restaurant called 一坐一忘 (Yizuoyiwang). Lijiang of Yunan province has been inspiring poets, painters and artists for hundreds of years. The restaurant's owner, Li Gang, is an artist himself who upon travelling to Lijiang, fell in love with the beautiful landscapes and vibrant local culture. After travelling to Lijang, Mr. Li felt inspired to open a restaurant where he could share the food and culture he fell in love with.


The food is extremely healthy and tasty with many fresh authentic ingredients being flown in three times a week from Yunan. Among the most popular dishes that came highly recommended by Mr. Li are fresh Yunan mint leaves wrapped in beef and smothered with a spicy sauce, fried potato balls with a side of zesty chilli sauce, a herbal scrambled eggs mix with fresh jasmine flowers, an assortment of famous exotic Yunan mushrooms, and of course a classic Yunan noodle soup. To wash all that delicious food down, Mr. Li recommends a light and refreshing homemade rice wine and a sweetened cold green tea.  


The restaurant is filled with authentic crafts and decor straight from Lijiang. Most of the impressive artwork on display at the restaurant was created by Mr. Li during his travels. Even if you have never been to Lijiang or Yunan, upon entering 一坐一忘 you will feel like you have been transported to a place, distinctively different from anywhere else in Tianjin. A place that is warm, inviting and friendly. A place where the extremely attentive service and kitchen staff, who all belong to various ethnic minorities of Yunan, will cater to your every need. And a place in which you will sit down and immediately forget about all of your worries!


By Justin Toy

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