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Objects of Desire - Beauty Products for Men




Contrary to popular belief, men are in fact concerned about their appearance and they don’t want to hide it anymore. Times when they used to steal girlfriend’s creams are over. Now they want products specially design for them and for their necessities. 


An area of rapid growth in the sales of beauty products has been in products designed specifically for men. Although this market is relatively new, experts predict that cosmetics for men will be the next big thing in beauty products. 


Here we present a list of most popular products and simple steps for how to use them;


Clinique presents a quick, effective 3-Step Skin Care System. The product is based on the research and experience of guiding dermatologists, and the unique needs of men’s skin. Just 3 steps, 3 minutes, twice a day: clean, exfoliate, moisturize. It gets your skin in its best shape for your best shave. Everything is custom-fitted to your skin type and is allergy tested and 100% fragrance free.



Clarins recommends these four steps for skin care:

Cleanse Due to workouts, work, pollution and stress, a man’s skin can get very dirty. Give yourself a handsome advantage with cleansing formulas that protect and prep skin for whatever comes its way. Pores open. Ingrown hairs rise up. Sets your beard up for the perfect shave!


Shave Clarins Men believes that shaving shouldn’t require heroics—and that a close shave shouldn’t be a close call. That’s why we’ve developed gentle steps to your best shave yet. Each clinically tested on the toughest beards.


Eye care Rugged good looks are one thing. Deep lines and crevices are another thing entirely. Kick off your anti-aging strategy with formulas that tackle the age prone zone around eyes—minimizing the appearance of dark circles, puffiness and signs of fatigue.


Hydrate Clarins Men sensitivity experts know that no matter how tough a man’s skin acts, it needs comforting care to tone, refresh and protect. Learn how to get your skin into great condition without breaking a sweat. No more rough stuff. Just soft, smooth, kiss-worthy skin.



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