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My Style Notes - Men - Summer Essentials Part II


Wardrobe staples every guy needs. 


Following the previous issue where we talked about linen jackets, summer shoes, updated chinos and belt, here we talk about indispensable items to complete your summer wardrobe.


The perfect shirt

Picking out men’s shirts sounds like it’s a relatively easy thing to do, but it isn’t all that simple. Consider all the options one needs to think about: fabric, cut, buttons, patterns, button down or spread collar. So to make things easier we select 5 essential shirts every man should have, all you need is one of each style and you will be ready for any occasion. For that newly made-to-measure suit you need a formal shirt, choose a structure fabric and white colour. For a casual going out with friends you need the bright pattern shirt, this is where you can have fun and choose any print and colour you prefer. For a special date or an office day choose a button-down collar shirt. The rugged chambray shirt and summer linen shirt are perfect for your holidays. 


Lightweight sweater

The best sweaters for spring will be slightly different from winter ones, think transitional sweater styles that will look good on as they will tied around your waist, which is what usually happened in tricky hot weather. The point is to opt for lightweight knits and smart shapes. This are the 3 styles to go for when choosing essentials, there will be all the classic shapes you’d expect, but with variations to make them more seasonally appropriate. Go for a classic cardigan, in a plain colour, it is perfect to wear over shirts as well as over T-shirt for a modern look. A V-neck in a bright colour will add some fun to the simplest ensemble of jeans and basic T-shirts, go for bright blue, red or yellow. Finally, a white and navy stripe pullover is a basic that always look good, with jeans, kaki chinos or colourful trousers, it is the new classic for men. 


Swim trunks

Unlike the ladies who have a million different ways to wear their swim suits, guys really just have their bathing suit. That is your outfit in the summer. So in the interest of getting it right, let’s review your options. The terms board short and swim trunk have been used interchangeably, to mark the difference, board shorts tend to be longer, have a Velcro or button fly, and are meant to be worn on the hips. They are usually worn by surfers but they are the perfect option for anyone with some sporty style. If you prefer something a little more traditional—and with a drawstring waist, then a classic swim trunk is for you. The way to make classic swim trunks into cool ones is to choose a fun colour or a cool print. Note that palm trees and tropical prints are the latest in men’s fashion wear. Have a look at our picks for what to wear to the beach this summer and see which swimsuit style fits best.



People that are prone to lose things will say that they are not a good investment, but guys that invest in a good pair of sunglasses know the difference. An original pair of sunglasses gives personality to a classic ensemble. They are the finishing touch that can define your whole look. 

Classic shapes with some original details are the options to go for, for smart occasions, Persol Steve McQueen tortoiseshell sunglasses are a great option, while for casual looks like shorts and T-shirts mirrored ultra-reflective lenses will add some original detail to simple clothes. 


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