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See Stars at the Beijing Planetarium


Just across the street from Beijing Zoo is another kid-friendly attraction worth a visit. The Beijing Planetarium can offer education and entertainment for the whole family for a good part of the day, or for a quick visit depending on your agenda. 


The exhibit area descriptions are mostly in Chinese, but photos, video shows and displays of moon rocks need no detailed explanation. Older children will get more out of it, but Mars will entertain the younger ones who can run up inside and climb back down. The sun exhibition is in a darkened room with a kind of space ship the kids can climb up into and that has some interactive games. 


Perhaps the coolest things though are the movies and shows, and the 3D space simulator. The show in the actual planetarium teaches the different star groups viewed from the different hemispheres and teaches the constellations in Chinese. But children and parents who aren’t fluent will still learn a lot.


There are also some 3D and 4D movies geared toward different ages. They are mostly animated and varying in educational value and their relation to space. The space simulator is in the basement and tickets can be got at the door.


The planetarium is a great indoor activity to combine with a visit to the Zoo. The shows can also provide tired parents some respite while giving the kids some education and entertainment. To get there take Exit D from the Beijing Zoo subway stop. Or cross the street from the Zoo. It’s just to the southwest and you should see the planetarium after exiting. 


Buy tickets outside next to the gift shop. General admission is CNY 10 or 7 for kids. But buy a movie or show ticket and that includes general admission. When you get hungry, there is a canteen in the basement with set meals at around CNY 25 for a large plate of the usual like Kong Pao Chicken.


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